socket error 10013

I am running windows xp sp2 home on a dell dimension 4550. When I try to run check for updates in spybot I recieve an error: socket error 10013 access denied. I also am not able to connect for updates on any other software such as avg antivirus, ewido, musicmatch, real player, etc. I can connect to the internet through IE and can recieve mail through outlook express. I've tried disabling windows firewall and nothing changes, though something else that is weird is when I open up the firewall configuration in the control panel it shows the firewall is turned off, but if you open up windows security center it shows the firewall on. Currently there is no antivirus installed, but there is an f-secure key I can't delete under the hkeylm in the registry, it says error while deleting key. Any ideas?
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It sounds like you do not have local admin priviliges on the workstation.  

If this is on a domain, you will need to find out if you are part of a group that has local admins otherwise...

Right click on my computer, select manage
Choose users and groups
Click on users and right click on your user id.
View your properties.

What groups are you apart of?
Try turning off the firewall service (Control panel, Admin tools, services), top the "Windows Firewall" service and try again.

Alternately you can also turn make sure the firewall is on and create an excpetion for each program you want to allo access for.
ondagreen1Author Commented:
The computer is not connected to a domain and the only user acount setup has administrative privelages. I stopped the firewall service under services and nothing has changed.
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Wait, you said that it appears that the Firewall is off, but Windows Security Center says it is on - that tells me you are running  a third party firewall. (Zonealarm?, Norton?)  What other softare do you have installed?
If this is the case, try shutting down the firewall to see if it works, then you will have to make exceptions for them, as DLCE mentioned
Set the firewall service to disabled, reboot, and try again. You mentioned F-secure, make sure you have any F-secure apps turned off as well. It soudsn very much like a firewall issue. IE get out (port 80) e-mail works (port 25) but the other application's updates don't work. As Bullfighter said, look for other installed firewall products.
I wasn't familiar with f-secure, but after reading about their products, they have an Internet Security application that if installed could definitely cause these types of problems.  I'm surprised it does not prompt you to choose which apps to let through to the internet (a la Zonealarm).  You might want to check the application options for levels of protection or the option to be prompted for access.

Just a thought.
ondagreen1Author Commented:
This computer previously had charter high speed internet security suite installed. The program has been removed in the add/remove programs and everything relating to charter, symantec, and f-secure have been disabled in the services and in msconfig services and startup tabs. The f-secure key in the registry will not let me delete it or change any permisions on just that key, both in regular mode and safe mode with the administrator account. I have deleted other old keys such as symantec, mcafee, and anything securty suite related I could find.
There must be something still functional if Windows Security Center thinks you have a firewall... can you post the list of processes running on your system?

From a command prompt (start, run, type cmd and hit ok)
type tasklist
copy and paste the list of processes
ondagreen1Author Commented:
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Steve and Dianna>cd c:\


Image Name                   PID Session Name     Session#    Mem Usage
========================= ====== ================ ======== ============
System Idle Process            0 Console                 0         16 K
System                         4 Console                 0        220 K
smss.exe                     372 Console                 0        372 K
csrss.exe                    420 Console                 0      3,896 K
winlogon.exe                 444 Console                 0      1,244 K
services.exe                 488 Console                 0      3,928 K
lsass.exe                    500 Console                 0      1,512 K
svchost.exe                  648 Console                 0      4,556 K
svchost.exe                  704 Console                 0      3,932 K
svchost.exe                  772 Console                 0     19,328 K
svchost.exe                  812 Console                 0      3,052 K
svchost.exe                  900 Console                 0      4,372 K
spoolsv.exe                 1064 Console                 0      4,624 K
explorer.exe                1300 Console                 0     24,156 K
BCMSMMSG.exe                1404 Console                 0      1,372 K
ViewMgr.exe                 1420 Console                 0      4,452 K
DSentry.exe                 1472 Console                 0      1,508 K
MMDiag.exe                  1480 Console                 0        236 K
mim.exe                     1504 Console                 0      1,172 K
diagent.exe                 1536 Console                 0      2,032 K
cisvc.exe                   1784 Console                 0        416 K
CTsvcCDA.EXE                1796 Console                 0      1,176 K
nvsvc32.exe                 1852 Console                 0      2,696 K
svchost.exe                 1896 Console                 0      3,952 K
wdfmgr.exe                  1940 Console                 0      1,600 K
MsPMSPSv.exe                 160 Console                 0      1,388 K
alg.exe                     1492 Console                 0      3,308 K
wscntfy.exe                 2144 Console                 0      1,816 K
taskmgr.exe                 3412 Console                 0      2,588 K
notepad.exe                 3756 Console                 0        496 K
iexplore.exe                3068 Console                 0      4,032 K
CIDAEMON.EXE                3496 Console                 0        820 K
wmiprvse.exe                3124 Console                 0      5,512 K
cmd.exe                     3820 Console                 0      2,432 K
tasklist.exe                3368 Console                 0      4,120 K

ondagreen1Author Commented:
I got it fixed. I went into the registry and deleted every key I could find that related to charter high speed and f-secure.
OK by me
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