How to retrieve https webpage using visual c++

Dear pro,

For example:

how do I retrieve above webpage directly, and through a proxy server?

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use AfxParseURL for parse url and use AFX_INET_SERVICE_HTTPS
like this

if page take Get request;

void GetMyPage()
DWORD   dwAccessType = INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT;  // We are connecting to internet directly
DWORD dwServiceType;
CInternetSession session(("IP"),0, dwAccessType);
CHttpConnection* pServer = NULL;
CHttpFile* pFile = NULL;
CString strServerName ;
CString strObject;

AfxParseURL("", dwServiceType, strServerName, strObject, nPort) ||      dwServiceType != AFX_INET_SERVICE_HTTPS)
pServer = session.GetHttpConnection(strServerName, nPort);
pFile = pServer->OpenRequest(CHttpConnection::HTTP_VERB_GET,strObject, NULL, 1, NULL, NULL, INTERNET_FLAG_SECURE);

pFile->SendRequest ();

//then you can write the data in a file

fp=fopen(tempfilename,"w");   //open the file to write the page content in a temp file
if(fp != NULL)
while(retval = (pFile->Read(buf,sizeof(buf))))

please also declare

int retval = 0;                        // Number of bytes read from the internet
char buf[1024];                        // Read the page content in buffer
FILE * fp = NULL;                  // To write the page content in a file

and also close


if (pFile != NULL)
    delete pFile;
if (pServer != NULL)
   delete pServer;

after pFile->Close();

tempfilename is file name in which you want to write reading data

Now same for PROXY only change is

>> DWORD   dwAccessType = INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT;  // We are connecting to internet directly

now you use
>> CInternetSession session(("IP"),0, dwAccessType);

you use

session=new CInternetSession(("IP"),0, dwAccessType ,strProxyServer);

//strProxyServer is use for proxy ip

and all other things are same

i think this solve your problem
but if your request is not GET type or it is POST type then tell i also tell that also



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