Crystal Report with VB6

I have got an exe file for a VB6 program
that is done with Crystal reports.
When I run the exe file I get an error that tolds me
that the oxc file for the Crystal report is not found.

I need the Setup file for the Crystal Report,  please.

Thanks in advance.
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The following page will allow you to download various versions of the Crystal Report redistributables -

However, you really need to know what version of the CR software the application *expects* to use - there are a myriad of different CR versions and the chances of the software working properly with the wrong one are probably slim.

So.. have a look at the above page, but before you install any of the CR redistributables, please ensure you're in a position to fully back-out the install in case it breaks other things on your machine - preferably try on a test machine which can be quickly rebuilt if necessary.

Note also that you need to *ignore* the 'Merge Modules' on the same page, those are only for including in an installation package prior to distribution...

here u can find a list of crystal report OCXs:~

Following the link you can find a PDF file that contains sample application with that ocx. From a ZIP file you can download the desired version of that ocx

CPU_MasterAuthor Commented:
Thanks,, but
I have seen some examples regarding the Cystal report on the above link,
while I am looking for the Setup File For the Crystal Report.
Where can I find a full package of this component?

Use the Package and Deployment wizard from Visual Studio to create an installation file for your application. With that, you can ensure that the OCX are included as well as registered properly for it to function in installed workstation.
CPU_MasterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replay,
but you may misunderstand me,
I have only an exe file for an application that uses the xrystal report,
and now when I run that exe file -> it generates me an error that requires
the installation of the crystal report on the machine.

Where can i find an installation package for the crystal report?

Thanks in advance
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