Email Layout a column is not lining up properly .

Hi Expert , As I tried to open an email that was generated from Hotsheet Report and a column shows from a body of email message is not lining up properly . I am running a windows Xp, Office xp SP3. I tried to download Snapshot viewer still not working ... Someone suggest to change some setting from outlook but I don't know how... Any suggestion would be appreciated . Thanks very much...
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I am assuming this report has something to do with realty?
Do all of your other emails view correctly? If so then it is probably just the format that it is sent in.

Is this report in the body of the message? or an attachment? If attachment...what is the file extension (.xyz)?

Can you copy and paste the text to a word document and view it correctly?

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lho92Author Commented:
Thanks but ...My other email view is work fine . The report is in a body of the message not attachment .
Have you received this type of report before ? if so when was the last time that it viewed correctly?
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We need more information... is there a place where I can go to download a sample of this?
What is frequency? How many affected users? How big a report?

Outlook options:
Message can be in Word, or HTML, or RTF (rich text) format - even plain text

Start there. One of those may work right away. Versions may differ, but principle the same

In word is easier answer, you can copy/paste into word.

Once in Word, you can change the column alignments, you can change the position of tab stops, etc.

Once it is aligned, you can make it a table, even move it to excel.

But moving it to outlook is getting easier, even from excel. Try doing a copy and paste followed immediately by a "use format of destination" (which can be table - including the drawing of lines, with ability to resize columns using mouse).
> The report is in a body of the message

You should probably flex your influence and have the preparer of the report, or whoever imported it, to get the columns standatardized.

I get that a lot, from peopl who should know better, but even in MS word keep switching from using tabs to use of different paragraph and column alignments, bullets, for a wide variety of fonts and styles that are not always very different at all - then they'll add padds of spaces to make it look better in some application. Anyone resizing a window, may still get a different experience.

The earlier the formatting is made consistent, the better.
> windows Xp

Operating system is irrelevant
thanks                                             -good luck
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