DatePicker 1.1 showing up as text Date selection widget


I have a coldfusion custom tag that I downloaded and have running i my testing evironment with no issues....

the tag DatePicker 1.1 is :
    "It's a CFML wrapper build around the wonderful "DHTML Calendar 0.96" created by Mihai Bazon"

Unfortunatley when I upload the files to my hosting server where the tag is I get the message Date selection widget

My testing environment is a default installation of coldfusion server 6.1 and mysql 5

The hosting company is running coldfusion 6.1 and an earlier version of mysql.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and if so is there any course of action I can take to resolve the issue...

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what does this mean:
"I get the message Date selection widget"
mike_allainAuthor Commented:
In place of the Date selection graphic that allows for selection of the calendar and opens up the dhtml calendar....this text replcaes it... Date selection widget

Oh okay.

I couldn't say what is causing it without seeing the code for the picker.
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mike_allainAuthor Commented:
Thank mrichman....I ended up downloading and using the same datepicker except using javascript to call / execute the code.....

Admins....could you close this question and refund points...

mike_allainAuthor Commented:
Thanks  mrichmon
Closed, 125 points refunded.
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