Looking for a fax solution with exchange server that won't cost me alot of dough

just looking at the other answers/questions I found this question:

Comment from MontyV
Date: 01/11/2005 04:40PM PST
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I have actually found this alternative through Microsoft Fax Sharing Service.  Front here I am able to send faxes from any workstation plus recieve faxes in Outlook 2003.


I would love to know what how this 'expert' sorted this question. Or how I might do this for an office of 30 users, we have a good fax machine and sbs server. what to do...thanks very much for your time.
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you can simply run the fax wizard in SBS to set it up =)

Guide is for both SBS2000/2003:
Assuming you are running SBS 2003 - it has great Fax capabilities integrated right in!

Here's what you need:

1) Purchase a MultiTech MT5600ZDX from these guys for $80 +tax and shipping. http://store.modemexpress.com/mts78.html 

2) Purchase the necessary 25pin to 9 pin serial cable (approx $10)

3) Plug your fax line into the back of the Multi-Tech modem.

4) Plug your Multi-Tech modem into the serial port on your SBS Server. The drivers for this modem are built into SBS 2003...no driver disk required.

5) At the "Line Out" on the Multi-Tech, plug that into your stand alone fax machine for those hand written faxes if you don't have a decent scanner.

6) On the SBS 2003 Server - go to Server Management and choose "Fax" and run the Wizard.

7) Choose to route your faxes to a folder that you share - or to a Sharepoint folder or to a Public folder on your Exchange server, or to a printer of ALL of these options at the same time....

8) For the users on their PC's - add the Fax printer (already added for you if you joined them to the domain using the "http://servername/connectcomputer/ " method... )  and then anything that they can print to a printer, they can send out via the SBS Fax server as a fax.

That's it... Happy Faxing - works like a charm.

- pdxsrw
thomaskilroyAuthor Commented:
sounds cool, just wondering about sending faxes. As stated by one of your colleagues,

"I have actually found this alternative through Microsoft Fax Sharing Service.  Front here I am able to send faxes from any workstation plus recieve faxes in Outlook 2003."

how would people send a fax?

Would this mean the old fax machine would become obsolete?

Dangerous to have all my fax 'system' tied up on server. Maybe better to try and route my fax through one workstation?

You time and effort is appreciated. cheers
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thomaskilroyAuthor Commented:
you think I would read your post first!! what an idiot, sorry it's very late (early morning here) trying to research these fax solutions!! sounds good......gives me sthg to go to the boss man with I guess from the above post :

Dangerous to have all my fax 'system' tied up on server. Maybe better to try and route my fax through one workstation?

Could I connect it to a computer then share with the server?
No... perfectly ok to have your Fax running through your server.. particularly when you purchase the external modem.
That allows you to power cycle the modem in the event that it acts up... with an internal modem you have to reboot the server..always a pain...

Also...you will have in your daily log files emailed to you from the SBS server and that will tell you when you haven't received a fax, and why... more informative then most stand-alone fax machines...

As a fall back, you can still have a stand-alone fax machine hooked to the same line as your external modem on the server. You will want to disable the auto-receive on the stand-alone machine. You can use it to send out hand written documents..and if your server's fax machine is wigging out, just re-enable the auto-receive on the stand-alone until you have it sorted out.

- pdxsrw

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