Creating a MessageQueue to a remote queue - returns error "Invalid Queue Path Name"

   I want to create a new MessageQueue that sends a simple message for now to a queue that resides on a networked Win CE device.
I would expect the code below to create a new message in the "Outgoing Queues" ready for when the remote device connects.

But When I attempt to send the message I get an exception thrown : exception.message = "Invalid Queue Path Name":

I have tried different Path strings :

Code is :

void SendMessage ()
   // Create new MSMQ obj..
   MessageQueue mq = new MessageQueue();

   // 'DECRT4001' is the DNS name of the Win CE device.
   mq.Path = @"DIRECT=OS:DECRT4001\Private$\test_queue";  

   // Message would be in BinaryFormat not XML.
   mq.Formatter = new BinaryMessageFormatter();
        mq.Send ("HELLO",  "TEST MESSAGE TO RT4"); // <<< Exception is throw HERE >>>
   catch ( Exception ex )
       string x = ex.Message; // <<< Message reads "Invalid Queue Path Name" >>>

Other details:
PC is Windows2000 SP4. Using Visual Studio Enterprise 2003, C# application.
Network is not on a Domain, simple Workgroup mode.
I CAN ping the Win CE device by DNS name or by IP. (Win CE v5)

(PS. I can send a MSMQ message the other way from Win CE to my C# application -  no problems.)
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DavidMarkGeorgeAuthor Commented:
I have now found the answer !!  

.Net expects the Paths 'format' string different from what I have been used to in Win32 API / MFC / VB.

The Path property should be :

mq.Path = @"FormatName:DIRECT=OS:DECRT4001\Private$\test_queue";  


mq.Path = @"DIRECT=OS:DECRT4001\Private$\test_queue";  

Needed the "FormatName:" bit adding.

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