XP Pro SP2 hangs during boot due to WIFI drivers or SP2?

I'm an experience computer person but not experienced enough for this.

  XP Pro SP2 hangs during boot (while Windows graphic logo screen is displayed)
  No issues found in Event Viewer

  Installed Belkin WIFI
  Installed XP SP2
  - I'm honestly not sure of the order of the 1st 2 steps but I think the problem started after SP2 was installed
  Windows hangs during power-up or restart
  Reloaded Windows many times (including a format of the hard-disk)
  - Problem still persists
  - I finally found a way to reboot....
  Boot Safe Mode
  Remove Wireless NIC Adapter for Device Manager
  Reboots normally until next power-up or restart
  Uninstalled Belkin software and Removed Belkin card
  Installed Linksys USB WIFI
  - Problem still persists
  Uninstalled Linksys USB WIFI and Removed Linksys device
  Started using ASUS onboard NIC
  - Problem still persists

At this point the computer has basically the same software as my other computers but I haven’t reformatted the hard disk since removing the WIFI.

How can I debug this?

Thanks much!

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Check the event log when you boot in safe mode to see if there is an indication that something went wrong while loading a driver.  Disable that driver and see if it boots.

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Try this:

Disable the onboard nic in BIOS.
Install updated drivers for your mainboard (from ASUS' site). Also install updated drivers for all components that are not onboard: ie. sound, video, etc. (from manufacturer's sites)
After all drivers have successfully loaded, (check device mgr for success) enable the onboard nic in BIOS, and be sure the drivers for the nic install properly in windows. Check it in device manager. Choose to update driver if it shows any errors. Try to reboot and see if the problem was fixed. If so, disable the onboard nic and add the wifi card, boot, and install it's drivers..and hope it works at the next boot!
perhaps the PSU hasn't got enough juice in it to get past what the wi-fi card wants on top of what is already in the system.  remove anything un-necessary and try again.

hope it helps,

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tpgriffinAuthor Commented:
PSU = Power Supply
1.Just some clarification to make, the machine work superb before the installation of the Belkin Wifi and the XP Sp2 correct?
2.Did you formatted your hard disk already?
- Reloaded Windows many times (including a format of the hard-disk)
- but I haven’t reformatted the hard disk since removing the WIFI.

Boot into the safe mode, Go to System Restore, and restore back to the date when the machine is working. It will have a restore point when before you do the installation for both. (The System restore fixed mostly 80% of installation problem without needing you to reformat.)

1. After that, boot into normal mode and start your SP2 installation first and restart the machine. Make sure that you are able to logon to your windows
2. and follow by the driver installation (make sure the driver was XP WQL certified. ) always obtain the latest driver from the manufacturer website or do windows update and get the driver from Microsoft and restart.

Don't worry if any of the step goes wrong, always go to the system restore if anything happen. ps you could create own restore point though, for revert back any of your bad installation. It is hassle free, 80% of our the installation problem fixed with the system restore. It cut my work load into 50% less, just can't imagine how painful to reinstall the WIndows. System Restore, will be a great piece of tool for experience computer person like you when do troubleshooting.
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