Windows 2000 Pro - stop error code recieved now computer continues to reboot

I have a Dell Optiplex GX150 - when the user turned the system on it came up with a blue screen (stop code) which he didn't write down -- he turned the computer off and now when we turn it back on it continues to reboot -- I was able to boot into Safe Mode but I'm not sure where to do from there.  In questioning the user, he advised that he did not install any software or make any system changes -- he was working the day before fine and while on the Internet a message came up that said "system running slow....  not responding"  he ended task and then shut the computer down.  The next day when booting up he got the stop code, ect....  Any help in troubleshooting would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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check your event viewer it will give you the stop code

if the sysem is running extremely high amounts of resources, it will BSOD to save itself, if its a one off then dont worry if it keeps happening then you need tolook further

can you post the stop code for me
mmj1Author Commented:
I looked in the event viewer and there were tons of error messages -- but I did not see a "stop code" error on the day when we booted the system up and got the stop error - I scanned through all of the errors and only saw errors relating to loading drivers, one that indiaced a "bugcheck", etc. - but none that indicated anythng about a stop code.
mmj1Author Commented:
I put the 2000 cd in and selected the "repair" option -- as it was going through the repair the "blue screen" came up and this is the Stop Code message:
0x0000001A (0x00041284, 0x00466000, 0x0000BB01, 0xc0502000) Memory Management   -- any idea where to go from here?  I can reformat the hard drive and reinstall windows but I'm not sure it is a hard drive issue.....  
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mmj1Author Commented:
I now attempted to format the drive and load Windows from scratch -- the format was in process when the blue screen came up again with the stop code -- it appears I can't even format the drive and load windows again -- I would assume this means I have a defective drive.  Should I just buy a new drive and go from there??
i wouldnt be thinking this is your drive - looks more like RAM to me

could be defective chip or defective ports on the board

what type of RAM and MOBO do you use and ill try find some diags for you

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mmj1Author Commented:
The pc has two RAM chips -- here is what is one the chips:
1st chip (original from Dell)
MT16LSDT3264AG-133E1 PC133U-333-542-A
MY  M00V6HP  200133
256MB, SYNCH, 133MHz, CL3

2nd chip (purchased from Crucial Technology and added a year or so ago)
MT8LSDT3264AG-13ED2  20054  BZACRAL014
256MB, SYNCH, 133MHz, CL2

I'm not sure about the Motherboard -- when I look at the board it just says "DELL"

I hope this is what you need.... Thanks again for you assistance....
mmj1Author Commented:
Thanks for pointing me to the RAM -- I had an extra pc here that had the same type of RAM and I installed it into the problem pc.  It allowed me to format my drive and re-install windows with no problem.  It seems to be working fine now.  I appreciate your help as I probably would have purchased a new hard drive and that would not have helped !
thats great mate

glad you didnt spend the dosh!
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