Program runs on Windows 2003 but not on SBS 2003

We have a program (some software that our franchise parent company requires us to run) that runs fine on Windows 2000, 2000 server, XP Pro, and Windows 2003 server but not on Windows 2003 Small business server.
Whenever we try to open the program, it just opens, then quits immediately.  I know other people have had the same experience with the software running fine on Windows 2003 server, xp, 2000, etc. but not on SBS 2003.
Any idea why this program won't run?
Here's what I've tried:

-compatiblility mode (windows 2000 and windows xp)
-setting VERY generous permissions on all of the program's files
-running it as a local admin on the server and running as a domain admin
-disabling antivirus

Anyone have any ideas? I'm just at a loss why the regular/full version of windows 2003 server will run it, but SBS 2003 won't.

Thanks a MILLION in advance!!!
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
There's no such thing as completely proprietary software in the sense that it is running SOME kind of platform technology.  ie, SQL, .Net, etc.  That in and of itself would be helpful.  

There are no "universal" reasons that a program wouldn't run on SBS2003.  The fact that you were able to get it to run in safe mode only helps if I knew what the program was trying to do!

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
How about telling us what the program is????  That would really help to diagnose.  

There are a number of programs which are NOT compatible with SBS2003 due to restrictions built into those programs which will not allow them to run on a Domain Controller or a server that has Exchange installed on it.  These can generally be overcome, but if you don't share what program it is, I find it hard to help you any further.

wotechAuthor Commented:
It's a proprietary software program.  I don't see what good it would do to give you the name of it, as you've never heard of it.  There's about a dozen companies in the US that have it, so unfortunately we don't have a lot of help when something goes wrong.

My question was meant to be more general.  Are there any 'universal' reasons that a program would run on Windows 2003 standard/web/enterprise, but not on SBS 2003.
It works on other DC's with 2003.  I have tried disabling all of the exchange services, no still a no go.  I was just thinking there might be some different security settings in SBS or something along those lines.
I did get it to run successfully while booted in safe mode. Does that help?

Does the application event log provide any clues?
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