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Hello Experts,

Up until yesterday, I had been using a web mail account ( exclusively for email and had not been downloading mail to Outlook or the like.

Last eve, I installed MS Outlook 2003 and have encountered a few problems.

1) Even though I have it checked to keep messages on the server, everything downloaded to Outlook and I would really like to reverse this or at least sync the two!  The nice thing about web mail is that I can access it anywhere, now, I have all the inbox items on my laptop and no way to review them if using the web based application when away from home.

2) When everything was downloaded from the server, only the "inbox" actually was downloaded to Outlook.  As it stands now, I have all inbox items in Outlook, but all notes that I had sent via the web application stayed on the server.  

What a mess - half on the web and half in outlook!

I have gone through all the obvious things - checked server names, ports, SLL settings and the like and nothing seems to make a difference.  I can however, send and recieve from Outlook.

Any ideas?

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You're exactly right skacines.  POP3 will only grab what's in your inbox.  Depending on the POP3 server setup, checking the box to leave them on the server may or may not have an effect.  

Glad you found out about IMAP though.
skacinesAuthor Commented:
Experts, although no one responded, I think I have solved the problem - I was using POP3.  After some reading, I set up Outlook to use IMAP - this seems to have resolved all issues and results in Outlook being fully in sync with the web based email service and vice versa.

Can I give myself points? <grin>


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