Can a rule be created in Outlook 2000 or 2003 and/or Exchange 2000 or 2003 to allow an e-mail to be sent to an external address automatically via a user-defined schedule?

My company would like to be able to send a single e-mail to multiple external e-mail addresses based on a schedule that we define. An example would be to automatically send an e-mail to and at 7:00am every Wednesday. This would be done without user intervention after the rule is set up. Is this possible with Outlook and/or Exchange rules?

We currently run Exchange 2000 and Outlook 2000 but we'll be migrating to Exchange 2003 this year and we could purchase a license of Outlook 2003 if needed in order to make this work. I know that Outlook 2003 has more rules than 2000 but I don't see any that would fit this need. If it matters, we're running virtually all Windows XP desktops.

I found 3rd party software that appears to be an option (such as, but we'd like to stay with our current software if possible.

So I'd like to know if this is possible, and if not, any recommendations on third-party software.

Thanks in advnace,
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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, mschmidt14.

No, this is not possible using Outlook/Exchange rules.  Rules are restricted to two events: when a message is received and when a message is sent.  There is no ability to use a rule to send a message, other than as a reply when a message arrives.  You could do this easily with a simple bit of VBScript and a free component that talks to Exchange via SMTP.  Is that an option?

mschmidt14Author Commented:
Although it's probably technically feasible, we're not going to explore that option. Since this isn't a high priority, we'll workaround it. Thanks for the info!

David LeeCommented:
Hi, Jeff.

> we're not going to explore that option
Ok.  If you decide later that you do want to go that route, then I'll be glad to help out.  It's really quite easy to do so long as you can connect to an SMTP server.
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