Windows 2000 on RAID 5

I am attempting to install Windows 2000 PRo on a machine with HW RAID 5 using 3 SCSI drives. The install proceeds smoothly, I feed the install program the array controller drivers, it sees the containers and copies setup files to the partition I select. Then it re-boots.
After re-boot, Windows 2000 starts, the splash screen appears for a few seconds, then a stop error occurs: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

The fact that the setup program continues after reboot tells me that the boot device is accessible. Any ideas on working past this error?

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The problem could be that the driver may not be written appropriately and when Windows trys to load the driver during GUI portion of the install it fails. You can try using the following utility to inject the applicable files into your txtsetup.six file (holds the driver info for the installtion). - If you have any other questions please let me know.

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westoneAuthor Commented:
I'll try the utility. FYI: This is a Dell server, and the driver is from Dell. The same driver applies to NT, 2000, and Server 2003.
I have had had this before with HP branded servers that use Adaptec RAID Cards - Certain driver sets from Adpatec are just coded improperly and this is the end result - Hope the above info works and your problem is solved -
When you first start the installation, it says to hit, either F3 or F5 or something like that to install alternate drivers for your HD.  What you need to do is have the Drivers available in a Floppy, or set of Floppy's and install them at prior to Windows proceeding with the installation.  I had the same issue with an Internal SCSI Conroller on a Tyan Motherboard when I was building a dual processor Athlon system and installing the drivers prior to install solved the problem.
westoneAuthor Commented:
Please read my original post. And it's F6 for the MS OSs, to provide drivers for mass storage during install.

I have not been able to address this issue today. I'll get back as soon as possible.

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Windows 2000

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