i have a gigabit switch as follows

server>>>>>>>>>> switch1 >>>>>>>>>>switch 2 >>>>>>>>>>switch 3
                                 (in) (out)                     (in) (out)                      (in) (out)

from server to switch 1 read as gigabit (meaning the led yellow)

from switch 1 to switch 2 read also gigabit

but from switch 2 (out) to switch 3 read as 100mbps (orange)

at first when i connect switch 2 (out) to switch 3 shows yellow color
but the led goes offline and turn on with orange color

wat might be the problem

will it be length problem or too many hop counts?
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Are these cicso switches.

Do a "show interfaces" command. The output looks like this:

Ethernet 0 is up, line protocol is up
  Hardware is MCI Ethernet, address is 0000.0c00.750c (bia 0000.0c00.750c)
  Internet address is, subnet mask is
  MTU 1500 bytes, BW 10000 Kbit, DLY 100000 usec, rely 255/255, load 1/255
                              Here's the configured bandwidth. Should be bigger for your switches

Are those the only connections to these switches? Sounds like STP may be blocking the port. Time how long it takes to turn orange. Is it 30+/- 1 seconds?
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
the server switch is HP 2626 manage switch
all others are unmanaged netgear switches

yes it turns to orange like within 30 seconds
Actually time it with a watch. Is it - 30+/- 1?

If it is 30 +/-1, this could be normal operation (I'm assuming the cisco STP defaults). But there would have to be more cables than you have drawn on the picture. You would have to have some switching loops. Two cables between switch 2 and 3 would cause this "symptom" - but it's not really a symptom, but rather normal STP operation.
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Actually time it with a watch. Is it - 30+/- 1?

If it is 30 +/-1, this could be normal operation (I'm assuming the cisco STP defaults). But there would have to be more cables than you have drawn on the picture. You would have to have some switching loops. Two cables between switch 2 and 3 would cause this "symptom" - but it's not really a symptom, but rather normal STP operation.
You don't say that you actually have a problem? If you were to connect a PC into switch 3, you would only get 100MBs traffic to the server (lowest link speed). The link speed would show this on the PC (IPCONFIG /ALL) and a route map from either end would show this also.

One thing to check is that the link speeds and duplexing are all in sync. If they are all set to Auto Negotiate (which should be fine) then they may not negotiate correctly due to HP and Netgear differences. Try forcing them to 1000-full duplex (or 100-full duplex).

If you still have problems (what ever they are) then set all speeds to the lowest of 10-half duplex and see if they work OK then.

Hope this helps
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What are the model numbers of switch 2 and switch 3?
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
all the switches are gigabit

so switch to switch it should be gigabit
but switch 2 to switch 3 shows as 100mbps

switch 2 is netgear 5 port, switch 3 is netgear 8port
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
how can i check link speeds and duplexing are all in sync??
I'd still like to know the model numbers of switch 2 and switch 3.

Here's something else to try:
swap the cables between switch 1 and 2, and switch 2 and 3.
Does the problem move to the switch 1 - 2 connection?
possibly the matching of duplex is inconsistent. But I like the idea of swapping cables, sometimes it is the simple things that we take for granted all too often
The small netgear switches do not allow setting duplex and other parameters.  These are not enterprise switches - they are SOHO equipment.  They are not managed switches.
So you cannot set and you cannot check the duplex and link speed, other than by looking at the indicator lights.

Swap the cables and let us know how it turns out.
Try putting switch 3 in switch 2's place. See if switch 3 connects to switch 1 at gigabit speed. Since these are unmanaged switches there are no config options. I would be surprised if switch 3 operates at gig speed connected to switch 1. It sounds like switch 3 is either not gigabit or is bad and will not operate at gigabit speed
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
i connect with short cable it doest detect as gigabit, wat might be the problem
The problem is likely that the cable is an old Cat-5 cable, you need a newer cable, of type Cat-6.

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ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
i change the switch 3 to HP 2626 managed switch, now it works fine
wat would be the problem with netgear switch
Are you using Cat5 on the 3rd Switch as opposed to Cat5e.  I have accidentally done this in the past and if you do so, when you ping half the packets go through and half time out.  Just make sure that cable is Cat5e.  Not sure if this will help.
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
my whole network is cat5 jell filled black color outdoor cable
ammadeyy, one more time, please post the model numbers of the netgear switches!

I know you have said they are gigabit switches, but why are you reluctant to post the model numbers?

After all, if you want to solve this, we who are helping need information from you.
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
switch 2 is netgear GS605
switch 3 is netgear GS608

i replace switch 3 with HP 2626 it works fine

i tested switch 3 with short cable it works fine, so i believe there is no problem with switch
you have twice mentioned something you call a "short cable".  Also, you mention that it is "jell filled black color outdoor cable".  But the length and color is not a key factor. What is key is what I mentioned a few hours ago, that
j0s3ph repeated two hours later: you need to make sure the cables are NOT cat-5 cables but are instead at least cat-5e, and better yet, cat-6.
This designation is often printed on the cable itself (although it can be hard to read), and will defintely be on the packaging that the cable came in.
Please check this and let us know.
Make sure ALL cables connecting gigabit equiptment are at least cat-6 and have ALL 4 PAIRS wired correctly. Gigabit actually uses all 4 pairs of strands in the cables.
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