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Compatibility problems...

Hi guys,
I've made a database system in visual basic. Works great on my computer, no problems at all. Granted i have installed a few updates from microsoft (jet 4 service pack etc) but i cant remember all of them.

Only trouble is, on some computers i get errors saying i'm missing dll's or ocx's somthing like that. Is there a way i can find out what components my program needs and maybe make something to prepare the computer for my system?

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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
In Visual Basic, you should be able to go to
    Project menu, References... to get all .dll dependencies
    Project menu, Components... to get all .ocx dependancies

Also, if you deployed this app using a decent installer package, it would have detected these and bundled them in with the install package.

stinkinrich88Author Commented:
ah ha! then i think thats what i want! a decent installer package!!

i have added many references and components (eg office xp web components) i just dont know how to install all of these on the desired computer

At the moment I'm using Paquet Builder 2.9 to make an installation file, more of an extraction rather than installation

have you any suggestions on a "decent installer package"??

Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
I've used Wise for Windows Installer for Developers with success, but that was three years back.
VB has its own Package & Deployment Wizard that you can use, I believe it ships with Visual Studio Enterprise (all editions)
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The easiest way for me is to use the Package & Deployment Wizard from the Visual Studio.

It detects all your dependencies and also do the registration of the components on the client workstation during the installation.

The best part is -- IT'S FREE!
Thanks for the help guys, you hit the nail on the head

I didn't even realise i had package and deploy, (i needed to add it under "add ins"), when i used it it kept saying that it could not find the dependancy files that it needed, which were definatly on my computer exactly where it said they were - so i scraped that idea

I did some research, somone suggested Visual Studio Installer, again free, slightly tacky looking installer but it certainly isnt tacky, i can install, repair, uninstall etc and you can load your vb project file straight into it so it will detect the dependancies straight away. Customisable installation wizard, add extra files etc, make shortcuts etc, to get it go here:

stinkinrich88Author Commented:
rachel83 is me, what is with the login system here!! she logged out ages ago and when i logged in it logs in to her account!
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Thanks for the points.  Good luck with your project.  -Jim

p.s. If stinkinrich88 = rachel83, then we have a duplicate account issue to sort out.  I take it you wish to use the stinkinrich88 account, and not the
rachel83 one?
stinkinrich88Author Commented:
Rachel's my sister i'm using her laptop now but when i log in using this computer i always have to do it twice to load my account for some reason
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