Looking for a good content submission script (for my website)

Currently I just open up my template, manually type the content into the page, upload the page, and then have to link to said page from my index.

What I would like to do, is have a script where I can log in, fill in the title, h1, and keyword info, type the page content, and then have the script generate the page based on the submission and automatically update my index to reflect the new addition. This would make updating the site way less tedious.

I should probably convert the new content so that it's database-driven.

I'd really prefer not to have to program this from scratch though. Is there a good script out there that's similar to this? (Not like WordPress or anything, I don't want all that extra jazz)
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You should look into some type of blog script.  I'd recommend visiting:


It's a site that let's you view and test most of the popular open source (free) scripts for doing these kinds of things.  I would recommend looking at Nucleus, as it is very simple and should do everything that you want:


Hope that helps ;)
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