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My user places their order after they hit the submit key.  The next page uses request to read the fields from the previous page.  All is well.  However because they are impatient they start hitting the submit button several more times.  Each time they do this the page re-reads the request information from the previous page.

Whats the best way to stop this?

How can I clear out the request cache to nothing so the order doesn't get reprocessd.

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try to disable the button with some javascript
i mean  it's hitted set it as  onClick = "document.getElementById('button's id here').disabled = true;"

tcalbazAuthor Commented:
Thanks Gee Orge

What I have is a situation where people are hitting the browser back button so I have to definitely clear the request cache if thats possible.

Well let me understand

u have a form,
i fill this form and i sumbit it, then it goes into another page to thank me for filling the form, or there are many forms one after another.

if the data is don't need it any more u can simply use a response.Redirtect to some page to loose the POSTED data. so i someone hit the back button the he will tranferd at the first form that he has just submitted.

let me know if i helped u! :)
tcalbazAuthor Commented:
Gee Orte.

It seems that there is little one can do to prevent a user from hitting the browser back button or just retyping the URL.  
So far that best solution I can see is to flush and clear the page cache before moving to the "thank you for filling the form page"

I am open to a better solution if it exist.

Thank you


Yes u can prevent to some one to hit the back button,
or maybe u can use some kind of javascript to clearbrowser's history, but this isn't a good idea.

I have made many forms, and one quick and realiable solution that i am using is to use a redirection to move to the last page, to avoid the data to be reposted when the user moves backwards.


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