ntvdm holding files we want to delete

We are using sql agent to run some bats files.  These bat files to some creating and deleting of files.  We are having a problem when those file are said to being held by "ntvdm".  Our bat files work fine from command prompt and they seem to work fine from NT scheduler which we a starting to use.

Has anyone noticed sql agent has any issues with deleting of files thrus bat file?
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sunilcomputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NTVDM would run to allow a DOS program to execute.  Are you running any DOS programs?  Those .BAT files kick off 16-bit DOS apps?  Are any hanging?
Joseph NyaemaIT ConsultantCommented:
Tried using he following dyntax

cmd.exe /K "del c:\temp\*.* /-P"
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