I.E. 6.0 tools->options->delete temporary files does not delete all files - must delete using Windows Explorer

Using the Microsoft provided way to delete temporary internet files (at least on version 6) does not always delete all the files.  

Using Windows Explorer to delete them works, but why doesn't the tools->options->delete temp files work?  It spends some time doing something?

I was just helping someone who is trying to use an application I wrote to clear their cache using the tools menu method and it didn't make any difference.  Deleting the temp files using Windows Explorer (temp file folder under the user's Local Data folder) allowed the application to function properly.  Very frustrating.
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Greetings, wilri01 !

While using Internet Explorer, you are using some of the temporary internet files for the web page in front of you. So those do not get deleted.  All the files from closed pages get deleted.

Best way is to delete the Temporary Internet Files from Windows Explorer.

Best wishes!
wilri01Author Commented:
I thought that to be true, but there are many, many more files not for any open browser windows that are not deleted.
did you also tick the 'delete offline files' as well? also try deleting all cookies just for good measure as a test.
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You could try using a third-party tool like TweakUI to clear the files.  It has a setting to clear them.
There are also a number of other apps out there that will do what you are looking for, I would try some of them.
Quite frankly, I wouldn't trust a standard MS app to clean up after itself, even using an option that claims to do just that.
If you  search around, you'll find numerous references to the fact that IE does not clean up all the temporary files ... hence the reason there are a number of apps out there to do just that.
What if you have IE closed and go to control panel, internet options, to delete the files this should delete them all....Also if you want the auto complete deleted you have to go to the content tab, auto complete.

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wilri01Author Commented:
There doesn't seem to be an explanation as to why the delete doesn't always work, but I like the idea of going through the Control Panel because most people have a default page that would be open in I.E.  I just need to be sure they close all their I.E. windows.

Thanks for everyone's input.  

BTW: I thought using Windows Explorer was easier than installing a third-party software.  I could be wrong, but it seems the I.E. method of deletion works once the files are cleaned out, so I think it's just a one-time problem.  
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