New ASP.Net Tag - Can DW stretch to support the <asp:content> tag? - OR - Oh my long lost love DW, please don't become essentially useless to me.

Dreamweaver has no support for 2, and won't for a long time it's looking like.

But, it SEEMS as though the authors of this often times awesome piece of software intended for it to be extendable, well, I wonder if when I actually need this extendibility it will work. I apologize if I come off as a bit of a punk but I've been a hyper loyal dreamweaver evangelist since version 1.2 and it just annoys and pisses me off to no end what has recently become of what was once my favorite piece of software. But I digress.

What I'd lke to do is add support for the 2 content panel, the tag used by pages which inherit from a master page, one of the cornerstone new features of 2.

I don't want much, as I see it anyway, I just want DW to treat the asp:Content tag as if it were a asp:Panel tag. Let me put html elements and asp controls in it, treating it as a container, and have the design view allow me to edit elements inside the asp:Content control, like it does with the asp:Panel control.

I tried to do this, messing around with the config folder, but to no avail. Does anybody know if and how this can happen?

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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi brooklynDev,

I think you may be out of luck on this one.  MS really, really, wants you to use Visual Studio and I don't see an easy or a hard way to rip apart the DW config files to make a custom tag that behaves the way you want it.

As an aside, did you also post this question to Google Groups?  If so, I found it trying to research an answer for you...for a moment, I thought I had hit the jackpot.

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>> Oh my long lost love DW, please don't become essentially useless to me

LOL.  Jason's right on this one, and I feel exactly the same way you do.  I went on Macromedia's site yesterday and submitted my 'feature requests' because let's face it; DW could do so much more than just support the tags.  There's probably a million people just like us that have done the same.  I tried MS's free web developer tool but the colour coding makes me feel ill, even though its very powerful.  

I spent a day last week searching the net for information to suggestion whether DW would be improved, but there's nothing.  There's some old message board threads from Macromedia Engineers saying that they are watching .NET2.0 very closely, but then it cuts dead.  Adobe would be daft not to try and compete with this tool given that ASP.NET is an increasingly used technology...

....rant over :-)
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi Rouchie,

Thanks for the rant.  Personally, I don't touch MS web development products with a ten foot pole, so the support or lack thereof for ASP is irrelevant to me.  As far as support for ASP appearing in the future goes, I think that if Macromedia was still an independent company then there would have been support for 2 by now.  As soon as they were acquired by Adobe, I think a lot of projects got canned to preserve Adobe's relationship with MS.

...conspiracy theory ends.  We now return you to regular tech support.

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brooklynDevAuthor Commented:
well, looks like I'll just have to wait for dreamweaver 9, so sad.

Here's hoping dreamweaver will be leaner and meaner in the hands of the big A.

>> ...conspiracy theory ends.  We now return you to regular tech support.

>> well, looks like I'll just have to wait for dreamweaver 9, so sad.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

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