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SMTP Backup MX Server with individual email accounts

I am trying to set up a backup email solution for my Exchange 2003 Server with 25 users.  I have MailEnable email Server setup on a second server with the backup SMTP MX record setup correctly.  It works fine, however I want individual users to be able to login there to get there email in the event my Exchange Server is down.  I would like them to be able to use the web based interface of MailEnable.

As soon as I give an individual user an account on the MailEnable server any emails received by MailEnable while Exchange is off line do not get delivered when Exchange comes back on line.

I know that I can do this with POP3 but I don't want to do that because I don't want to have to manage the individual passwords on the POP3Connector of Exchange and on MailEnable individual accounts.  In general I don't like the POP3Connector and don't want to use it.

I don't want to use a second Exchange Server because I don't want to buy a server, OS, Exchange, CALs just for this.

Acutally I would like to use Linux and qMail for this so I don't have to buy anything.

Is what I am trying to do possible with SMTP only on a single Exchange Server?



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What you're trying to do isn't possible.  Your MailEnable server should be set up as an SMTP relay with all mail being routed to your Exchange server, so that if the Exchange server is down, mail will be queued until it comes back up.

The real issue is that the final resting place for users' mail is the information store in Exchange.  If you make MailEnable a second information store for your users, then message is receives will stay there; it's got no reason to pass it on to exchange, of which it has no knowledge.  Best you can hope for is a mail spooler, users will still not have access in case of an Exchange outage.

If you are that concerned about uptime for your Exchange server/mail, you are best advised to get an Exchange cluster set up, so that you can have a server outage and still have your information store (and all other processes) going.  Both servers see the same disks, so you usually have an outage of maybe 30 seconds.  Not sure how that affects licensing for Exchange, since only one server is active at a time.

The main issue is your need to be able to logon to the backup mail server.  If you remove this need then it's a far simpler setup.  A SMTP relay would be your best bet as gdekhayser mentions.  This gives you time to recover the exchange server without loosing any e-mails, they are just delayed until you get the exchange server back up again.

The cluster is a high availability solution, but also has a price tag to match which I assume your company is unable to afford being a small company.  Also it would be cheaper just to add the second exchange server with a recovery storage group.  This would require intervention from yourself when it fails, but would be a cheaper option.
byronleonardAuthor Commented:

So I quess the best way is with POP3 and by using a connector such as POPBeamer.  Can you recommend another POP3 Connector for Exchange??
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