isDefined or "" doesn't work

I invoked a cfc.

Here is what I get for my dump <cfdump var="#letterbody_guarRet#">
query - Rows: 1
1 {ts '2000-04-07 00:00:00'}  first_name   guar_city  guarantor_fname  guarantor_lname  SC  12345

Notice there is no information for GUARADDR1.  That is correct. I'm trying to
have an if statement to direct what to do in that situation. However nothing
seems to work.  

When I use
<cfif not isDefined('letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1')

it doesn't work.
I tried it the opposite way:
 <cfif isDefined('letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1')

and that worked so the  'letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1' must be defined as something.  

I tried:
<cfif #letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1# is "">
and that didn't work either.

What can I use if isDefined and "" doesn't work?
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Try <cfif letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1 EQ "">

If that doesnt work try:

<cfif Trim(letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1) EQ "">

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Also, if neither of those work for some reason you may try:

<cfif Len(Trim(letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1)) EQ 0>
I think I've read that the fastest is
<CFIF Len(TRIM(letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1))>
  it has data here
  No data here

Your problem is simple, this line

<cfif #letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1# is "">

Should be

<cfif letterbody_guarRet.guaraddr1 is "">

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