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I have 2 ip406's so there is a config1 and config2, these switches have been running around 3 years and I have forgotten where to change the IP. I cannot find any helpful doc's and would rather not pay avaya 400$ for a simple change of IP. We have centralized VM and when I change the IP in the mgr config and reboot the phones will not come back up. I do not know if I need to mess with the BOOTP configs as our Config2 is via a wireless bridge so if I had to use the console it would be a pain. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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what is providing DHCP for the phones? you have to go into the dhcp server and tell the phones to point to the new IP address. It sounds like you have changed the ip on the switch but just in case it is "system: ip office" then click the lan tab
The DHCP server has a scop options field and it will contain something like this
                             ^Switch address          
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