Notebook LED control


I am running Ubuntu Linux (5.0 - Breezy Badger), and have just set up (with a LOT of fiddling) my Intel IPW2200BG minipci card. I would like to control the led's inside my wireless button to allow me to see if i am connected to a network or not. How would i do this? I have heard from friends that i need to use a utility in /proc but i cannot find / use any.
Listing of /proc
tom@laptop:~# ls /proc
1     5906  7567  7972  8120  8183       buddyinfo    interrupts  mtrr
105   5965  7584  7973  8122  8195       bus          iomem       net
131   7     7611  7974  8124  8852       cmdline      ioports     partitions
132   730   7629  8025  8126  8915       cpuinfo      irq         self
133   7401  7725  8063  8128  8933       crypto       kallsyms    slabinfo
134   7416  7830  8066  8134  8937       devices      kcore       stat
1982  7433  7869  8067  8139  8940       diskstats    kmsg        swaps
2     7435  7875  8069  8142  8991       dma          loadavg     sys
3     7448  7885  8072  8159  8994       driver       locks       sysrq-trigger
3194  7461  7919  8074  8167  8995       execdomains  mdstat      sysvipc
3332  7466  7932  8078  8175  9061       fb           meminfo     tty
4     7476  7969  8080  8177  acpi       filesystems  misc        uptime
5     7515  7970  8083  8179  asound     fs           modules     version
5238  7520  7971  8118  8181  bluetooth  ide          mounts      vmstat


P.S. The button works great for turning the wireless on / off, i just need more information about whether the cards antenna is on or off via the led.

I am using WPA_Supplicant, and the built-in ubuntu IPW2200BG card drivers.
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try passing the led=1 parameter to the ipw2200 module:
rmmod ipw2200
modprobe ipw2200 led=1



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tleighton999Author Commented:
I will try this when i get home, but is there any other way of manually controlling it? I also have a bluetooth led i dont use and would like to control?
depends on your notebook model. for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads for example there's a module ibm-acpi, which lets you control nearly all LEDs....
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tleighton999Author Commented:
Any ideas for an Acer notebook?
tleighton999Author Commented:
Cheers XOF, worked perfectly, how would i load this at boot with the led=1 option?


well, I don't know the ubuntu distro. Normally you would place a line like
options ipw2200 led=1
into /etc/modules.conf
tleighton999Author Commented:
Ubuntu is Debian based, so i assume it should work - i will try it in a bit!
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