Push to talk on TC65

Hi all,
We are planning to write an application that will perform Push-To-Talk functionality on Siemens TC65 terminal.
- The question is how can we do it?
     - TC65 supports J2ME. So can we use JAVA in order to solve this problem?
     - Or do we need lower level programming?
     - Or are we going to need extra hardware?

Detailed and advanced explanation needed.
Thanks in advance,
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It is possible that they have given access to such functionality in their Java API, however, you won't find this type of functionality spelled out in the J2ME/MIDP specification. The best thing you can do at this point is download their SDK to see what is possible and what they've made available to the developer. Looks like they have some serial capabilities built in, so that will be a help if you need to use external hardware.

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