Problem Installing Small Business Server 2003 with SP 1

I have a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription and I have been trying to install the Small Business Server.  I have 4 disks for installation.  Disk 1 and 2 work fine.  When I insert disk 3, nothing happens. The d: prompt shows with nothing in it.  Has anyone else had this problem?  If so how did you fix it?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rosen500,

It is not uncommon for them to ship faulty CDs. The only one thing I would like to suggest is that you test it another machine and see if you can see its contents there.

Another thing that comes to mind, Action Pack has two sets of SBS, one is OEM and other is full version for your internal use with 10 included CALs, make sure you are not mixing the disks.

If the above does not work, simply contact Partner Program tech support and they would ship the CDs back to you, your old Key would still remain valid, so do not discard that for your 10 CALS + server. They usually ship them to you within 1 week max in North America, although the support person might say to you it could take upto 3 weeks.

MS Partner Program support options are included on this page: . I recommend you call them, it would be a non-billable call and would not count towards your allowed 2 free case calls on SBS.

Thanks and Good Luck!
Is it a DVD?

Can you view the contents on another computer?

Rosen500Author Commented:
I got 4 cds.  When i right click in my computer, I can see the files but for some reason it will not install. It is very weird.  Maybe the cd is bad.
It is possible, however have you chosen any product to install that requires disk 4?

Just eliminating the obvious, that's all.

It does sound like a bad CD - as rare as that is, it is a possibility.

Rosen500Author Commented:
Thanks KaliKoder and Netman66 for your input.  I will make sure I am using the right CDS and if that doesn't work I will call tech support.
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