Convert simple asp form to a vb6 form

Id like to use an exe to send data to an asp page

how can i convert the following to vb6

<form method="POST" action="recieve.asp">
Name <input type="text" name="Name"/>
Age <input type="text" name="Age"/>
<input type="submit" />

thanks experts
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I believe you can use the Internet Transfer Control component.

Then you can just form the URL as "http:/" etc and call the inet.OpenURL and passing the URL string.
Jimmyx1000Author Commented:
can you give the full vb6 code please

thankyou experts
Maybe something like the below.

I haven't actually tested it (no server-side script) but it should work. It may require slight modifications if not. Also, you may need to "escape" the characters for pData (such as changing " " into %20 (hex for a space).

Option Explicit
Private Sub Form_Load()
End Sub
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Call FormSubmit("", "the_name", "the_age")
End Sub
Private Sub FormSubmit(ByVal sPath As String, ByVal sName As String, ByVal sAge As String)
    Dim pHdr As String
    Dim pData As String
    pHdr = "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
    pData = "Name=" & sName & "&Age=" & sAge
    If (Inet1.StillExecuting = True) Then
    End If
    Call Inet1.Execute(sPath, "POST", pData, pHdr)
End Sub

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Check out the code that zzzzooc has given. He has provided what I meant...
>>He has provided what I meant
What did you mean?
Jimmyx1000Author Commented:
can you please test this , to see if it works

thankyou experts
Jimmyx1000Author Commented:
seems to be an error

compile error ,
variable not defined

on line
If (Inet1.StillExecuting = True) Then

which controls do i need to add also

thanks experts
1. Go to Project | Component
2. Look for Internet Transfer Control component.
3. Add it into your project.
4. Pick the component from the toolbox and add to your form.
Jimmyx1000Author Commented:
How can i get some sort of response returned when the command button is clicked
i.e post info recieved ok

here is my asp recieve page

Dim name, age
name = Request.Form("Name")
age = Request.Form("Age")
Response.Write("Name: " & name & "<br />")
Response.Write("Age: " & age & "<br />")
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