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I recently inhereted a computer from a friend.  The motherboard is an Asus P4s8x.  There is a built in audio card on it.  I don't have the disk with which to install the drivers.  I went to the asus site to try to download the drivers, but can't find anything resembling an executable to run.

Can anyone help me out with how I can update/install the driver for this board?
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
Download Version 025, W2K, WXP, CMedia9739A Audio Drivers to a folder created for this purpose on your C: drive. Extract or expand the files if necessary. Then go to Device Manager: in the Sound Tab select CMedia and "change driver". When asked for the location of the driver, you must point to the folder containing the new driver and select the .ini file to start the install. T
RartemassLife CoachCommented:
you can go to www.driverguide.com to get many drivers not found elswhere
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Hi, please follow the link given by tmj883. When you come to the page you'll need to use the ASUS Navigation Wizard!
Select Product = Motherboard,
Select Series  =  Socket478
Select Models =  P4S8X

When your done Click on Search. You'll come to a Menu Bar containing all downloads relating to your motherboard.
Click on the Drivers Tab and your Audio Drivers should be at the top of the Menu.

Choose your OS version then download the file. To install, follow the above steps given by tmj883!

Note: If you cannot find CMedia in the Sounds, Video and Game Controllers  then check there arent any Question marks in the Device Manager, if there are then Right click them and choose Uninstall>>
Right click My Computer-Properties-Hardware-Device Manager.
If You see an option for Audio, Right Click and Uninstall that too!

Now goto Start-Control Panel-Add Hardware and click Next. Select Yes I have already connected the hardware-Next. Select Add a new hardware device and click Next.

Choose to Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced) - Next

Then select Sounds, Video and Game Controllers and click Next-Have Disk-Browse to the folder containing the extracted drivers and Open the .inf file to install.

Now a list of compatible hardware should appear in the Add Hardware Wizard, Choose your Model and click Next.

At some point You may be told something like The driver has'nt passed the Windows Logo Test - Click to Continue Anyway!
Install XP, it will find and correctly detect the audio card.
True but that could mean having to pay $100-$200 for it, which is OK if you can affored it!

For anyone whois interested, you can download a 64-bit 120-day Trial version here>>

Registration is required!

Or You could be naughty and do a Torrent Search for it (Not Recommended) ;0)
do not forget to install the chipset drivers, and all the other appliccable ones !
Good point nobos!
thnak you nop1 !    :=)
lol, Please excuse my miss-type nobus :0)
Kelvin81Author Commented:
Hey guys,

Thanks for the responses.  I did go through tmj's link before even posting the questions.  I thought that would do it.  But when I tried to run that, it told me that I have the most updated version of the driver, and couldn't do anything. (But yet it still tells me I have no audio device installed)

I did install XP, and it didn't detect anything.  Maybe I need to install the chipset driver?   How would I go about finding out which to install.

Zeph I am gonna try what you suggested now.
Kelvin81Author Commented:

I managed to download the drivers your talking about.  But there is no executable to do anything with.  I downloaded these earlier.  Just don't know what to do with them now that i have them.   Do I need to put them in a certain folder?
this one :

SiS Mini IDE Driver 2.04a for WIN98SE/ME/2K/XP

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Kelvin81Author Commented:

After downloading the file you pointed me towards, i found in the readme the instructions that I needed to update the audio driver.

Thanks for all of y our help and effort guys.

No problem - have fun !
Thanks to you too Kelvin!
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