Automatic send and receive not working

One of the workstations in the office is having difficulty with Outlook.  The automatic send and receive is not working.  It did work, but then stopped working.  If you press send and receive or exit Outlook it sends and receives email.  I have checked all the settings and they look fine.  The windows firewall is off.  Outlook is not running offline.  I have installed all upgrades from Microsoft.  This is the Microsoft Office with Business option.  I also removed the pop3   email account and added it back.
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Greetings, SharonStys !

I know you said that you checked all the settings.  To verify, in Outlook go to Tools > Options > Mail Setup. Make sure "Send immediately when connected" is selected.

1. Reset the Outlook toolbar template. With Outlook close, do a search for and rename outcmd.dat file. Restart Outlook and a fresh outcmd.dat file will be recreated.

2. Register an important Outlook file. Go to Start > Run and type regsvr32 OLE32.DLL

3. Disable Outlook Addins.  With Outlook close, do a search for and rename extend.dat file.

4. Start Outlook in Safe Mode.  Go to Start > Run and type

"c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Outlook.exe" /safe

Your path to Outlook.exe may be a little different.

5. Create a new Outlook profile.

6. Repair Outlook. With Outlook open, go to Help > Detect and Repair.

7. If no joy, reinstall Outlook.  Go to Add/Remove Programs and highlight Microsoft Office. Click on Install/Uninstall.  A menu will pop allowing you to choose repair or reinstall.

Best wishes!

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SharonStysAuthor Commented:
I did not find a outcmd.dat or an extend.dat file to rename?

Outcmd.dat and extend.dat files are hidden files. Go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders".  Click OK.
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When you say "..The automatic send and receive is not working", in tools > options > mail setup > Send / Recieve button > Send Recieve Groups > do the following,

1. Highlight each group name and click edit button.

2. See if the Include selected Items in groups / send mail items / recieve mail items - options are all selected. if not select/check these and press OK.

3.Send / Recieve Groups window - see if 'Schedule a send and recieve every  <> minutes is selected and a time of say 5 minutes is set. click close and ok.

Apologies for asking you to go through this again, but you may have missed something.

Sharon, any update?
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
I have been working on this problem.  I have renamed outcmd.dat, extend.dat, and frmcache.dat.  I have tried creating a new  profile.  Question do you have to remove the old profile or just select the new one.  I have also uninstalled Mixrosoft Office and then loaded a new copy of Microsoft Offixe 2003 and also uploaded all updates from the Mixrosoft website.

Still have the same problem.  I have identified that the outgoing mail leaves right away it is the receiving that is the problem.  

I used this email address on another workstation to make sure it was not the service provider problem, but it sent and received as it should on that new workstation. So the problem is on this system.

I also heard form one of our other offices that one of their workstations are having the same problem, must hit send & receive and that is a new issue.

I appreciate any assistance, any more ideas.


1. Check if antivirus email check or firewall is slowing receipt of emails.  Disable them one at a time.

2. In the account settings, Advanced settings, change the server timeout time from 1 min to 5 min

3. Check to make sure password authentication is not selected account settings, Server tab.
Something may also be interfering with the port used for incoming emails (usually port 110). Whilst checking the Antivirus /  Firewall as war1 mentioned, also see if there is a setting to block this port.
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
Thank you for these options, I am sorry I need more direction.  I am on a network of 20 users.  This problem is only happening on one user at this location, I am not sure where it is you want me to check the antivirus email check or firewall or port 110.  

I can check the firewall on the workstation, we use a network virus software, I will check the client version but if there is something else I need more direction.

I understand the account settings and password authentication I will check those.  

Incoming emails port is this on the local station , on the router or what. Is this the local setting with the advanced settings?

Take care and be safe,

If it is a small network, do you have your own email server? Since the other users are receiving the emails correctly, I do not think that there is an issue on the router. Hence please check the local station.

The main area where you get the send and recieve option in Outlook 2003 is Tools > Options > mail Setup > Send/Receive button - Highlight the group name and click the Edit button - Include the selected Account In this Group / Send Mail Items / Receive Mail Items -neet to be checked.

If send is only selected, then receiving wont work.

In the above window, you can check the port by pressing the Account Properties button > Advanced Tab.

Click OK twice and you will be back in the Send / Receive Group Window.

Under - Setting For Group "All Accounts"
All three items need to be checked.

Please let us know if the above had helped....
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
Okay, a bit of a change but no receiving of email.  I have checked every setting I can find.  The group setting has send and receive checked.  The send and receive is set to try every 2 minutes, this has been changed from 1 to 5 several times in this testing.

One thing I noticed is that after I renamed outcmd.dat I did not get another one created.  I have since gone in and checked a number of times and not outcmd was created.  Even when I removed outlook for small business and loaded outlook 2003 professional.

The windows firewall is off.  We have a virus software used by everyone it runs on the server, no email setting on it.  

We have a small server at CCP, it uses exchange server for its 5 employees.  There is a second company on site and they use our server also and our Internet backbone, however they have their own email provider.  So where 5 users use exchange server with Outlook, 9 users use a pop3 provider.  Only 1 of those users is having this problem.

However the company has another location with their own server, but they do use the same pop3 provider.  One user at that location has told me they cannot receive their email without pressing send and receive.

After checking all of the settings you gave me today one thing noticeable did change.  The little floating email message does appear in the lower right corner when the mail is coming in.  You still must press send and receive but the little notification shows and that has not shown for a while.  

Today I rand the regsvr32 ole32.dll again.  I checked every setting and resaved everything.  

Now when I reloaded the Outlook the email was still there, we did not loose the data.  However when I created another profile all the data was gone.  But the send and receive still did not work.  

I will start all over if you feel I have some options.  Should I remove office again?  What needs to be deleted to have it start fresh or is that possible.

I did look at the port, it was 110 but I did click on the defalt button.

I continue with this problem.  Thanks for all the assistance.

Take care and be safe,
Please refer this link to recheck that the settings are in order (again sorry for asking this but I just want to make certain that you have set up the options properly)

If it is set up properly then proceed with the rest of my message.

The user who is having this problem, is he/she on the exchange group? or the pop group?

After going through the whole post again, the issue seems to lie on your pc itself. Now you have Outlook 2003 right? Did you opt for the Upgrade through the upgrade wizard or the automatic update option or did you remove the earlier outlook version completely and do a fresh install?

It is normal for all the data not to be there in another profile as the set of files get created anew. However you should still have the data in your old profile.

At this stage what I think is that maybe a file related to send/recieve automatically function may be corrupt or damaged. This is considering that you have checked the option to send and receive every 2 minutes as well.

You can do the step 7 as war1 mentioned. Copy your mail pst file and the outlook.nk2 file as well as any other related file s that you may have to a separate location. Then remove outlook 2003 through control panel > add/remove programs. give a restart.

Now Outlook 2003 files cannot be downgraded. so that only leaves you with reinstalling outlook. When you do this, do not install to the default folder, set up Office 2003 in to another folder. Then run Outlook and see.
Are you using Outlook in Internet Mail mode or is it set up to syncronize with the Exchange server in cached mode?
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
The user I am working on is on the pop3 mail.  I will try all of your steps and see what happens.  I did remove the Office Business Manager edition but I did not restart the machine before I added the new version.  I did not loose any email.  Thanks you, I am not at work today but I will try this tomorrow.  
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
I made copies of the .pst and .nk2 files.  I checked all the settings per the peachpit link you attached.  I then removed the Microsoft Office package from the remove on the control panel.  I also deleted the outlook folders in he two locations that held the .pst and .nk2 files.  I rebooted the system.  I then loaded the Microsoft Office program back to a location other than the default location.  Put the pst and nk2 files back.  I when throught the setup and reset the automatic send and receive and the notification.  

I still can not automatically receive email on this particular workstation.  I have set up all the workstations at this location and no other workstation is having this problem and this problem did not exist 6 months ago.  It just started a few months back.  

Today I am putting this person on a new workstation and brining hers to my office to try and resolve her problem.  I will go through each step again.  Any other ideas?

Thank you for all your assistance but I cannot get this corrected.

Take care and be safe,
I am sorry but at this point I am also not sure as to why only that command/function is not working.

There must be something which we are missing or there may be a corruption of a file.

Other than asking you to completely format the machine and install the programs afresh I do not have another recommendation, after backing up of course.

best regards,


SharonStysAuthor Commented:
To my amazement, I set up another computer in this office to resolve the send and receive error.  As I was testing it, I just about fell off my chair when this computer also would not send and receive automatically.  And in finding this out, I was so frustrated I had the two other people in the same office send email to this workstations for testing.  After all these hours of sitting in there testing this problem, both of the other people in the room said, "Oh,  I have the same problem, I have to press send and receive to get my mail also".  I could not believe they had not mentioned this in the last two months.  So I went through the office and asked others about their send and receive experiences, 3 on the same pop3 mail had no problems and their send and received worked automatically and the little floating notification worked fine, the other 3 had the same problem and had to press send and receive and received no floating notifiction.  They are all on Dell workstations, though they are not all the same model.  Most believed the send and received worked properly but cannot remember if it stoped working when they got their new Dell or when the pop3 was moved to a new computer at the providers loction.  I set all of these machines up so they should all have the same settings, is it possible it is a corrupted something else, some file l have not deleted and uninstalled?

Thank you,
Ouch! Ok, 3 pop users can work and 3 users cannot wher the auto send/recieve is concerned.

Are the 3 users who cannot do auto sending connected to the network throughout(on a LAN or using Dial-up) ? Are there any errors in the eventvwr relating to email?

I suppose we may have been barking up the wrong tree....
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
All the users are on DSL, there are no errors except the fact that the send and receive must be manuall pushed.  Yesterday I set up the new workstation in my office and it worked fine.  I moved it to the locatation of the problem system and it also worked ok.  Now I have the problem system on my desk and I will go through every step again.

One of the other two workstations was not set to receive a floating message and I changed all the settings to my standard set-up, we will see what happens.  The third system I have not had access to as yet, I will check that as soon as they free it up for my use.  I am hoping they both just have changed setting.  

Thanks for all your assistance.  Ths is my first question you have been very helpful, even through we do not have a solution do I press the option to assign points?  Are their instructions for how to use this site appropriately?


If you want to split the points, click on the split points link at the bottom of the page. If you want to accept one comment, go the comment and click on the Accept button to the right of the comment.

How do I close a question?
If we did not find a solution for you please post a request to close the question with points refunded.

This is since anyone else who refere this may get misled as there is no solution provided here. Use War1's link for further info.
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