Not receiving bouncebacks using PHP mail() function

im attempting to send mail via the php function in the following format:

mail("", "test", "hi", "From:");

as the address does not exist I would expect to get a bounceback to - instead it sends the delivery notification to the account - if I telnet to the SMTP server port 25 and do a manual message:

mail from:
rcpt to:



i get a bounceback to fine so it appears to be the php function

can anyone assist me with this please?
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When using the mail() function the user apache is the one sending the mail and thus the user who gets the bounceback notification. Your could try adding for complete header information but what I would actually recommend is utilizing something like the phpmailer class.

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The from field in the mail command does not actually set the from header properly use as the additional_parameters parameter, i.e. the fifth parameter

mail("", "test", "hi", "From:", "");#

See if that works
rgtechnologiesAuthor Commented:
nope still no luck
rgtechnologies , you may also want to try setting a return path and also the X-Mailer. Id recommend building a variable that contains all the optional headers and make sure each additional header is followed by a newline and carriage return.


'X-Mailer: AT&T Message Center Version 1 (Aug  4 2005)'

Perhaps try setting the X-mailer as something you know doesnt get filtered.
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