installing a basic win 2k server controlled network

i have a cable modem going into a wireless and ethernet broadband router. this router acts as a dhcp and shares the internet to all the computers.
i have a new machine that is running win 2k server. 3 desktops running xp professional. and 1 laptop running xp home.
the laptop is wireless.
the win 2k server has 2 nics in it.
what i wanted to do is make it dhcp, dns, and have ad on it. the broadband router has a firewall on it so i wanted to utilize that as added protection. however im not sure how to set this network up because i want all the computers with statis ips but the laptop. but the range of ips that dhcp will hand out will only be a couple so i dont have much flex in what the laptops ip could be. whats screwing me up period is introducing the wireless product in.
it seems like its outside the network trying to get.

could i i got cable modem into braodband router, then braoband router into nic 1, and talk to the rest of the network with nic 2? im going to do a little bit of trial an error. im not really sure how the laptop will get an ip address from my dhcp .

in the end i want to be a username and log into any of the computers and access user folders stored on the server. login scripts etc. i want to write active directory software with .net and first i have to setup the network. any tips with the above stuff about networking would be great.
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If your new server has Windows 2000 on it then it's not going to add much protection to the firewall in the wireless router, unless you want the hassle with Routing & Remote Access packet filters.

If you want to separate the clients from the Internet with your server, consider buying yourself another wireless access point, because the way you've set it up now the wireless clients are on another network as the other pcs.

Maybe you're better off connecting the wireless/broadband router to your LAN and using only one NIC of the server.

Keep in mind that XP Home cannot be a domain member of Active Directory, and pay attention to DNS configuration (the Windows server must be the primary dns for your clients).
EricIT ManagerCommented:
You do not need to go through the server to use it for dhcp or dns.
setup dhcp on the server.  disable it on the router.  setup dhcp reservations for the static  ip's.

Side note: make sure your using wireless security.  IE: WPA or WEP

your other option would be hook modem direct to nic1, enable some type of firewall.  set that server up as a NAT router.
and put the router in WAP mode , still disable dhcp on the router.  This senerio is less secure as you have to rely on ms products
to secure your entire network.  DC as a firweall router not very secure.


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