Mac files with no extensions!!!

I have a BIG problem on hand and need some help immediately.

I have about 1 gig worth of word and excel documents that were created on a Mac. these files no extension. I sthere a way I can get the extensions added to these documents fast and in builk?

I also have been running into alot of problems wioth illegal characters that windows cant read. Some folders/files are name something like 12/2/02 and windows cant copy it. What can I use for this?


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This IS a huge hassle!  I've been there before!

Here are a couple of suggestions for programs to help:

Mac Tools:

Windows Tools:

Try one of these... MacNames works really well if you're on XP, if your still on your Mac I'd recommend Name2Win...   either one of those programs will help enormously!

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Have you tried going to the Finder under the Advanced tab and checking the option to "Show all file extensions"?
Oops, I should of said, to the Finder > Preferences, not just the Fnder. This is for OS X, not OS 9.
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jsanfilippo5Author Commented:
i tried macnames and it doesnt add the extensions. it seems to only be changing illegal characters. Im not sure im using the application right either. Im going to try the ohther apps that were suggested.

one question about macnames.. there is a menu that allows you to pick what type of server you are using----you have the option of microsoft FSM, cYAN Software macserverIP, or intergraph extremzip - which one would I use????


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Its the right solution for sharing disks with those Mac people down the hall

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jsanfilippo5Author Commented:
my problem is that there is NO file extension on the files. how can the program determine what they are?
jsanfilippo5Author Commented:
do i use the DOSMOUNTER program???
jsanfilippo5Author Commented:
no good--------

does macnames add file extensions?
jsanfilippo5Author Commented:
thanks for the help, and for looking at the software...

i found an app that works and works good

its called conversionplus from dataviz... it is awesome. i did 250 meg of docs in 20 seconds.

thats what i need i recommend it to anyone.
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