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Hi all,

Today one of my friends was was searching Google to see if her web site was already indexed by Google, and she found the following strange results:™ - email: - We're in ...
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Now she assures that is NOT a trademark of anyone and specially this company, second there are not text or meta tags on her website pages that show such

So I thought of asking here what might be the reason behind such search results? And what shall she do to correct this problem? And why this is happening?

Thanks in advance
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GiantMatrixAuthor Commented:
Hi Again,

I forgot to say in order to get the above results, all you have to do is:
- Go to
- Type:

Thanks in advance
Just some quick observations.

(1) That strange text "" is probably coming something that was on her website last year and since was removed.  Indeed, Google has not spidered your site since July 2005

See: <>.

(2) What exactly is this script doing for this site as I didn't see any output that generally the topmenu.js script does.  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="../scripts/js/topmenu.js"></SCRIPT>.  If you don't have an external .js file and this script is not being used, remove it!  It could be misleading, or inhibiting, the search engine spiders.

(3) Do create ASAP a Google Sitemap.xml file and get it uploaded to your site and to Google.  Here's an excellent sitemap generator with very good instructions on how to get it to Google too: <>.  Also, create a navigational sitemap.html file for your site too.

(4) Create a Robots.txt file and upload it to your root directly.  There's a lot of help and online robots.txt generators you can use.  Here's a good explanation here: <>

(5) Re-work each of your page titles and refresh your page content and check on your keyword usage.  Also, you really need to add more content as you have very little for your sections: "tools," "tutorials," "articles," "resources" and even your forums are emtpy!  

You need to add more, and not only ad more, you might want to hire a profesional ad copy person who knows SEO to help you re-work your information.  The more often you add new content, the more often the search engines will re-visit your site and update your contents.

NOTE ABOUT YOUR FORUMS: I'm gathering you're using PHPBB which is an Open Source, free, message forum program.  I noticed you removed their copyright and "Powered by" links that are found on most sites using PHPBB.  Most users leave those links there as a courtesy of all the hard work that so many people contribute, without pay in most instances, to the development and support of Open Source programs.  

In doing so, according to the Community Support Forums, do not expect any help from them if you remove those links.  Personally, I would upgrade your forums and put the links back and you are welcome to add your own information in there too!  Here's a very good explanation of what you can do in the footer section.


There are a number of other items I would recommend too.  You might enjoy reading this excellent tutorial that will give you a lot of excellent suggestions and guidelines to improve your search engine rankings.  Please visit <>

Good Luck!



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GiantMatrixAuthor Commented:
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the "detailed" seo lecture and links to your tutorials, phpbb site and Google site map tools. question was basically as mentioned above I just needed to do a (" volunteer help ") to a friend to find out why her site was not indexed properly and in the same time learn from the reason behind this :)

Anyway thanks for your "detailed" reply. :-)

You're very welcome!

Thank you.

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