d-link 524 Wireless Router as ap?


I'm trying to connect the 524 to an existing network.

The WAN settings are :

static ip:

Then I assigned the LAN an unused IP address:
I enabled the DHCP server with the ranger - 30  (I need the DHCP server because there is no other DHCP server, the network admin assigns all computers IP addresses manually)

I connect to the wireless network but I can't get out the the internet.  When I do an ipconfig I see:

IP address (my laptop): (so DHCP server is working)
subnet :  (right)
gateway :  (no!!)

The problem is the gateway, it should be  but instead it is the LAN address.

I did try plugging in to the WAN to see if that would work, but I kept getting the same gateway.  However I didn't do a ipconfig/release.  Although I did repair my wireless connection.  

I can't get out to the internet because the gateway is not right, it needs to be the main router ip address.  Which means I think I need to use this as an access point.  I just don't know how to do this.

Can anybody can offer any insight?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
You can configure this in a manor similar to what you have done however the WAN and LAN subnets (not subnet masks) need to be different. A router routes packets from one network to the other. When they are the same subnet the router doesn't know whether to send the packets to the LAN or WAN ports.

However, the better way to do this is to make the unit an access point:
-connect a cable between a LAN port of the existing network and a LAN port of the 524 (do not use the WAN port at all)
-leave the entire WAN configuration of the 524 blank
-assign the 524 a LAN IP in the same subnet as your existing network, that doesn't conflict with any static or dynamic IP's, such as and subnet mask (are you sure this is correct? It is quite unusual for most routers unless it is a high end unit such as a Cisco)
-disable DHCP on the 534
-configure your wireless

Now users can connect to the wireless, all devices will be on the same subnet/network, and all will get DHCP addresses from your existing DHCP server.

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mayakeshavanAuthor Commented:

Thank you!  

They don't have an existing DHCP server, the IP addresses for each computer is assigned manually (static).   This needs to be changed but won't be until the summer (this is in a public school, so we're sort of stuck in a configuration with old equipment , one of them being an old Cisco router, and the school district isn't exactly opening their wallets to help, LOL!).  

However, if I assign each computer which will need to connect to the 524 with a static IP (with the same subnet info, gateway, etc) would that work?  In other words, do what the DHCP server should do?

Thanks again.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
mayakeshavan, sure static IP's are fine. If that is the case you could leave the DHCP enabled on the 524 if you like. The only concern is you should not have 2 DHCP servers on the same network.

A school and a Cisco, that explains the larger subnet too.
Good luck, let me/us know if you have any problems.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
ps, thanks for the points, mayakeshavan.
mayakeshavanAuthor Commented:

Thank YOU for all your help, I appreciate it very much!!
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