Toshiba Satellite L20 Laptop Start Up Issue

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wonder if you could help us.

Our Toshiba Satellite laptop was working fine until one day, it didn't start up.
The power light illuminates and the hard drive lights up very briefly to show some activity before it stops.
The fan seems to cut in but nothing else seems to happen.
The screen does not display anything nor does Windows appear to load on the machine.

I have tried taking out the battery for 10 minutes and reinserting it and also just starting the laptop with just the AC lead and no battery and the laptop still doesn't start.

Can you help?

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It would sound like you laptop may be dead. i have serveral dells that do the same and it is down to a hard drive problem.

However things worth checking are:

memory -> open up the laptops memory hatch and remove the memory modules, then put them back in (DO THIS WHILE THE COMPUTER IS OFF AND NOT PLUGGED IN!). sometimes memory modules can become loose and need reseating. if unsure your laptop manual should tell you how to do this, just follow the instructions for upgrading RAM.

in addition to this is you have another laptop you could try swapping the RAM to see if the actual module has developed a fault.

also does the laptop make any bleeps before it switches off, if so what do they sound like e.g. two short one long etc. as such bleeps can discribe problems your computer may be having.

as i am guessing this is out of warrenty, if it is your motherboard this will be expensive to fix, and a new laptop may be a better option depending on how old this machine is. if you are confident wih electronics you could open the laptop up and try to see if any wires have come loose, but i would not recommend this for the novice as you would probably do more harm than good if you don't know what you are doing.

another note - be careful about static discharge when handling RAM, try to touch a grounded metal object first. as RAM is very senstive to electronic damage througth static
canuWebmasterAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

Thanks for your post.

The laptop doesn't make any noises at all, no beeps or anything else either bootimg up or switching off.

It is still under warranty though which is good news but it is a little bizarre that a relatively new machine should exhibit this kind of problem as we also have some Sony laptops that have given us faithful service for years.

Are you convinced that this is a hardware failure?
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yeah, ocaissonaly new laptops do get hardware failure. it's not really a sign of poor quality or anything it is just a fact of life unfourtuately. when i used to work in tech support we used lots of IBM laptops and ocaissonaly they would be broke out the box of develop an error very early on. like any electronics really. Toshiba is a good make and i have two toshiba laptops myself.

at least it's under warrenty thougth so it should be covered if it is an error that has just occured on its own. i would try and contact toshiba first and see of they can give you any advice and see if they agree with what i said. often the manufacturer may know tricks to get round some problems (if it is not hardware failure). toshiba can be contact via telephone numbers on thier website, if you don't have a number for them

but i would guess you will need to return it under the warrenty.

what ever happens post your results back here so other users know what was wrong.


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canuWebmasterAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comment.

I'm still interested in having this matter resolved so I would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions about how to do this.

If it is still under warranty like you say, you should really get into touch with lenovo to get it repaired. If you try it yourself you might void warranty and that could make it more expensive. Just first do as has been mentioned already, remove the RAM and try reseating it, and only use one stick at a time. If that doesn't help, call lenovo...
canuWebmasterAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks for the confirmation, I have awarded the points to alagregg.....
just to confirm you need to contact toshiba regarding your laptop (or whoever sorts out thier warrenty).

lenovo is for IBM laptops NOT toshiba i think rindi was confused because i mentioned IBM's as an example earlier on.

if you are unsure who to contact at toshiba numbers for europe can be found at:

or for america here:
No, I saw the L20 in the title and mistook it for a T20, which would be an IBM notebook!
canuWebmasterAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

I guessed that it was a typo but as the principle was the same, I thought that I wouldn't mention it.


Thanks again!
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