Backup Advice - 2 networks connected by VPN. One with Arcserve and External USB Drives... How to backup other?

Hello EE!

I have 2 networks connected by VPN.

The first network has a Win 2003 server and a Domino server.  It is backed up to Arcserve nightly ( 8 external USB 200gig HDD that are rotated ).

The second network is a small remote office that has a Win 2003 server with a few clients hanging off it.  All their mail files replicate to the head office and are backed up onto the USB HDD via Arcserve.

My question is what is the best way to backup the files these people in the second small remote office create  ( files in the windows file system )...  

Previously I had used FILEBACKPC as it was able to keep different revisions easily etc...    ( )..  I would run that routine early in evening and then when Arcserve fired up it would put these files onto the External USB HDD..

Is there a better way?  How would you do it?  Should I be using Arcserve client instead??

If this sounds allright is there better software than filebackPC??

Thanks for your input.


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Depends on your budget.

You're going to get TONS of responses since there's TONS of backup solutions. All with very good solutions. So what it really comes down to is budget, peace of mind and security.  They all have these, but to what degree.

If you're not sparing any expense, the ideal solution is to stick with what you know, a leader in backup that works with your current solution witk zero concerns about incompatibilities.

For that, ARCserve makes a desktop product. (I think you're refer to this as ARCserve client.) Regardless of how many desktops you are supporting, it'll grow with you and you can't beat the trust and reliability in knowing that it is designed to work especially with your current solution:

BrightStor ARCserve Backup for Laptops & Desktops

If you're looking for a less-costly solution, please provide that info, as well as your preference for storage medium, and I'll adjust my recommendation. (Another USB solution?) Regardless os what everyone will say as being "The Best," their isn't any. There's only a best solution for you. Otherwise, everyone would have the fastest cars, the fastest computers, and be married to someone who looked like Pamela Anderson! :-)

Hope this helps. Enjoy.

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BroadAustraliaAuthor Commented:
Hello ceecurtis.

My question is:

>> My question is what is the best way to backup the files these people in the second small remote office create
>>  ( files in the windows file system )...  

These files are stored centrally on the server.  I am not concerned about workstations... Should I just schedule these files to come down via a copy command that modify's the filename each revision....  This is what FileBackPC can do -- is there a alternative to this software package??

OR would I modify the Arcserve job to grab these files from the remote server via a vpn....  

Is there a preference / better way to do it? Yep I don't want to spend the world on it... I don't want any more backup mediums as the Q said - I want to store them on the USB HDD I already have...


I would have a second backup solution at your remote office.  Depending on how much data they have your VPN will likely have issues dealing with it.  

We use backup Exec at all our remote locations and do local backups to a remote USB 2.0 hard drive at each remote site.  
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