Stop "Junk Mail" being pushed to my Blackberry through the BES

Hello everyone,

I'm using the BES server on Exchange 2003 on a Windows Server 2003 system.

I'm also using the "Intelligent Message Filter" to give the email that comes into the server a "Junk" score. As well we're using the "BlackList" features to filter out spam.

If the "IMF" is scoring the emails on the Exhcange server before they get to Outlook, why can't I stop those emails scored as junk from appearing on my BlackBerry?

I also have the blackberry setup to not have email in the "Junk Mail" folder pushed to it. But since it seems Outlook must still filter these messages into the "Junk Mail" folder, even though those messages already have a "Junk" score.

How can I stop these from appearing on my blackberry?

Any help, pointers, or steps in the right direction would be appreciated.


-- Jim
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The Bes never sees the user's has a connector directly to exchange and anything that hits the user's inbox  *on the exchange server* is forwarded to the handheld.  

As you say, you are set up to have Outlook filter to a junk folder....but that is happening after the BES has already pulled things from the exchange server and forwarded them.

The only thing you can do here is use a spam solution that works upstream of your exchange server.  For instance we use Brightmail, which intercepts all incoming mail before it gets to the exchange server.  It filters, dumps the spam into a "Spam" folder that it creats in  each user's mailbox....and forwards the rest to the exchange server which then puts it in the it is at that point that the BES pulls it and forwards to the handheld.

I don't want to give you a big sales pitch for Brightmail.....there are other products that sit in front of the exchange server.....but we have had great success with it....a non-existant false positive rate (because of the way it defines spam) and it has knocked our spam down to an occasional message getting to somebody's Inbox.......out of just over a million incoming emails in the last 12 months, it has grabbed just over 62 % as spam.....and best of all, from your point of view, none of that 62% got forwarded to our BB handhelds.

And that's the end of my non-existant sales pitch........unless you want more details.....  :-)

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Silly question?
Are you sure its coming from the Exchange/Outlook side?  
If the spam in question are appearing on the BB, but not on Exchange; you may be getting PIN to PIN junk mail and you will have to notify your provider of your status.
Not a silly question at all.
Pin to pin happens, but is fairly is hard to get the pin on other handhelds.....and the easy fix is to have the handheld users manually generate a new reading of the question would suggest that we are dealing with garden variety spam here.
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Hi JConchie,


The PIN to PIN is unusual (for me) but someone posted an problem with that symptom

If its web based spam then there are already products out there to stop it, I'm not too sure what type of defence there is for that.

VirtueTechAuthor Commented:
First off thanks for your reponses.

I'm not familiar with the PIN to PIN spam.

See I figured since the email was labeled as "Junk" mail, given a score by the Exchange server, before it even gets sent to Outlook, that I'd be able to capture that score and decide not to send it to the blackberry's.

I checked out Brightmails site. It's going to cost us $414 but I can't tell if it is for one year.

Does anyone else use any other services out there that might be as good?
Our contract was $1800 for two years...but that was before they were bought out by Symantec....prices may have come down....and , at the time their minimum license was 100 mailboxes.

In anycase, it has been more than worth it to is an incredibly good service.

It does not "filter" any given time, they have two million plus 'trap" email addresses floating the internet....and anything that is sent to those addresses is, by nature, spam....and is stopped by our Brightmail server, which gets updates from Symantec every 4-8 minutes......that has entirely eliminated the false positive issue.
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