PIX501 VPN over ActionTec DSL Modem

I am not sure how difficult of a task this really is..., but here goes!

I have a PIX501 that needs to sit behind (on/around) an ActionTec DLS Modem (service provided by Qwest).  The VPN terminates/connects to an 1841 router on the other end...all over the Internet of course.  Here is my challenge....I can't get it to work.  Qwest, being the great service provide they are (NOT) does not support transparent bridging...AT ALL.  I do have a static IP for the PPPoA and have tried to get the connection to work in many different ways without success.  

The best solution would be a work around that does not require anymore equipment and if at all - no cost..., just time.  I can appreciate this topic may be slightly challeneing or maybe not.  Nevertheless, please speak up if you feel as though I have not provided enough incentive.  

The solution desired would be one providing a feasible workaround, all the while with the ability to use the current equipment in a secure manner.  

Thanks so much!!!!
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If you did not "buy" a static IP package from Qwest, you dont have one, you only think you do.  The ADSL head end always use virtual static IP that is sent up to modem as needed, but not resolve to real IP on ADSL head end in central office.  Must buy from them a "real" IP.  If you did that, then read on, if not call Qwest to get one on conditional basis.

Now you try to bridge to second IP domain, and depending on IP mask, it might/might not work.  All this depend on mask of 256 ADSL grid array in ADSL head end.  If their scope is you know you can bridge to class C on that scope and not to class B or A change.  If you try to bridge to random IP on internet, it never work, because it not in scope of ADSL grid array.  Qwest limit IP bridge scope by design, because they cannot support broad IP network with equipment they have.  Remember even the static IP they sell you is limited by subnet range.  If this is helpful, call them to discuss their IP bridge limts, they are a good bunch of guys who are fairly knowledgeable if you get to right senior tech support people.

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Also track this Q for comments, you learn from here too --

crarygAuthor Commented:
Yes - we have purchased an IP from Qwest.  Additionally, I did contact Qwest for support.  Their first comment was that they do not support any bridging mode what-so-ever.  They wanted to transfer me to a pay-by-the-minute support line.  I might give Qwest another call, but I won't hold my breath.
look at the other thread I listed above.  Info there might help you too.
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