dual output power supply for dual PIII motherboard

Hi all,

I acquired an oddball AMI (American Megatrends) dual PIII motherboard that I was planning on using for number crunching.
I found a suitably large chassis to install it in and 2 spare PIII (slot 2) CPUs to use in it.
However, there are 2 separate 20 pin power connectors on the board, 1 for each CPU.  I acquired the 2 VRMs necessary for it (that was a mission in itself).
I looked on google and webcrawler for "dual output computer power supplies" (and variants thereof) and had no luck in finding such a beast.
My other option was to get a beefier power supply and a second 20 pin connector and splice it to the first (rather than attempt using 2 separate PSs).
I would prefer to find either a Y-type adapter to keep it clean OR find a proper PS for the project.

Any ideas?
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Server board designed for real-time connect of dual redundant PSs.  Dont recommend splce, not good idea.  Original specs, if board priot to 2001, were 250W PSs, if board 2001 to 2004, call for 2 350W PSs, and if newer in mfg date, use two 420W PSs.  You can get by with two 250W if you not use big SCSI disk array with many drives.  Try two simple 250W PSs, and it probably work fine, dont splice from single PS.

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Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
TRY : www.ebay.com
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