Seeking shareware video editor with certain features.

I have never before done video editing.
I cannot find a video editor that does what I
want.  I have searched a few shareware web sites
and googled video editors.  Found nothing suitable.

What I do NOT want:  I do not want to edit movies
I have made with a camcorder.

I want to excerpt small clips from published movie
DVD's and compile them onto a DVD of my own making.
I also want to take a still shot of a scene in a movie.
(Alt-PrintScreen does not work.  It puts a transparent
window on the clipboard.)

Is there any shareware that will capture a segment
from a published movie as I play that movie?  Then
will it let me edit my segments and burn a DVD?

Jim S.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
when you get to video editing will have to fork out some dough..
Jim_SAuthor Commented:
irwinpks>when you get to video editing will
irwinpks>have to fork out some dough..


What do you recommend?  How much dough?

There are plenty of video-editing shareware programs available
that do not do what I want.  Even those programs cost something
to register.  When I asked for shareware, I did not necessarily
expect it to be entirely free.  I asked for shareware hoping
it would cost less and I could try it first.

Among programs that are not free, do any allow me to excerpt
clips from published movies and compose my own video DVD?

(I do audio editing using Audacity, which is entirely free.  I
am surprised that there is nothing comparable for video.)

Jim S.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:

Check that out. .Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 tryout
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Hi, Jim_S,

-> I want to excerpt small clips from published movie
-> DVD's and compile them onto a DVD of my own making.

Not sure what you mean exactly but I believe you are suggesting you will be (1) violating copyright laws and (2) (possibly) violating a law which prohibits bypassing DVD copy-prevention routines.  At least in the US, the courts have 'tipped the scales" in favor of protecting DVD publishers versus the law passed earlier for home users (allowing them to make backup copies).

I'm not the police and I could be wrong about what you're asking so this is just a note of caution.


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Hi Jim_S

Use Windows Movie Maker!!!

It's free!!!

Download it from here:

This does everything you need in terms of editing.

To capture screen events use this free program:

Jim_SAuthor Commented:

Slynky>(1) violating copyright laws and (2) (possibly)
Slynky>violating a law which prohibits bypassing DVD copy-prevention

Thank you for this information.  I did not think I was
violating copyright laws by copying material strictly
for my own use.  I was not aware that bypassing copy protection
is now illegal.  It been done so openly in other arenas
(other than video) for so long.

As for piracy, I find it easier to just buy a DVD than to
download anything so large as a movie.  Also I refuse to
expose my own computer to a peer-to-peer service.  I have
built an extensive collection of MP3 files without using


    This is described as capturing text only, so I did not
    bother with it.

    Tried this.  It suffers from exactly the same problem as
    Alt-PrintScreen.  It captures the Media Player app window just
    fine.  But the paused movie image captures as a transparent
    window.  If I save this to a TIFF file and bring it back
    in a picture editor.  I get blank where that transparent
    window had been.

    This is a larger, more-expensive, program that includes
    a picture editor.  The description mentions nothing about
    video capture and perhaps overkill for still pictures.

cre8tive>Jahshaka a free open source realtime editor
    I once installed Jahshaka.  I could not use it.  It has
    no user instructions.  It is promoted for use by
    experienced video editors.  Not for me.  


lherrou>I have moved your question to the Multimedia Applications Topic
lherrou>Area, which should a better fit than the Graphics TA.
    Okay, if you say so.

shuboarder>Use Windows Movie Maker!!!
    Thanks for this bit of information.  From this I learned
    that Movie Maker was already installed on my computer
    when I installed XP.  If I could do the capture I want,
    then I would definitely try this editor first.

    A lot of trouble and no results.  It required that I install
    .NET.  It ignored anything I had running locally.  It only
    wanted me to connect to the Internet, or it gave me an error
    message.  No help.

In conclusion, I am afraid that the software that does the video
capture I want does not exist.  This is why I am accepting Slynky's
answer.  His comments most-likely explain why I cannot find good
capture software.  Slynky, in a followup comment, you might tell
me where I can get some documentation on the DVD copy-protection.

I am going to give up on this project for now.  If I ever come
back to it, I think I will use Linux, rather than Windows.  I
suspect my chances might be better when the video device drivers  
are open source.

I want to thank everyone who contributed.  You were all very
helpful.  Now I know that screen capture programs suffer the
same drawback as alt-PrintScreen.  Now I know that I have
Movie Maker on my computer.  

Jim S.
Hi, Jim,

Let me see if I can give some information on what I think you're asking.

Here are a few sites that discuss what I was talking about.  This first one explains the dilemma the courts have (though datelined Paris, it is pretty much the same in the US).  I've cut part and pasted here as well:

"But even in countries whose laws explicitly allow some private copying, copy-protection technology ends up preventing the consumer from benefiting in practice. In fact, the Copyright Directive makes circumvention of these technologies a crime."

And I think you will find this page FULL of information:

And a bit more (with a paste):

"So when the court ruled that it was reasonable to make a personal copy of a DVD because a scratch could make a DVD unusable, this will run up against wording in the new WCT and the European Directive stating roughly that the freedom to make personal copies should not initially be part of the law, but that if within a reasonable period of time (for a judge to decide?) voluntary measures are not brought in, then the member states can bring these measures in. But not at the expense of bypassing copy protection, about that the new treaty is adamant."


Now, having said all that, I don't think that "big business" cares much about someone breaking copy protection schemes, extracting bits and portions of movies, and stringing them back together as long as it's for PERSONAL HOME USE.  

In this vein, purely for personal use, I bought a program because I wanted some stills from some movies in my DVD collection.  It does its job but it took me some tinkering to get it to work (had to turn off hardware acceleration for my video card).  I think it has a 30-day trial if you are interested in stills.


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