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Conditional Statements Structure Question

Hello Experts,

I'm trying to help my daughter with her C homeowork.  I'm a longtime developer but have not worked in C in decades.  She has the following problem:

The mathematical operation min(x,y) can be represented by the conditional

     (x < y) ? x : y

   In similar fashion, using only conditional expressions, describe the
   mathematical operations:

   min(x, y, z)             and          max(x,y,z,w)

I understand how the min(x,y) translate into (x < y) ? x : y
 and that (x < y) ? x : y  is tha same as If x < y then x else y
but am drawing a blank as to how to code the two problems.

Can anyone help?

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(x<y) ? ((x < z) ? x : z) : ((y < z) ? y : z) ;

i hope this works....
the same way you can write to max(x,y,z,w)

hi Waterstone,

as you wrote:

min2(x,y)   (x < y) ? x : y;


min3(x,y,z)   min2( min2( x, y ), z );


max4( x, y, z, w )    max2( max2( max2( x, y ), z ), w );

hope it helps

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#include <stdio.h>

int main()
      int i=10,j=3,k=12,l=9;
      int max,min;

      min = (i<j)?((i<k)?i:k):((j<k)?j:k);

      max = (j>i)?((j>k)?(j>l?j:l):(k>l?k:l)):((i>k)?(i>l?i:l):(k>l?k:l));

      printf("min %d max %d",min,max);

deepu chandranCommented:
u can write the solution for finding minimam of N number,
first u hav to pass the numbers into the array
pass the array and the no. arg over the function named min
the function is like this,
int min(int arr[20],int noarg)  //arr[20]  is the array which are having no.//noarg  is the no. arguments
   int i,min=arr[0];
   return min;
Hi Waterstone,

They're probably looking for something like:

#define Min(x,y) ((x)<(y)?(x):(y))
#define Min3(x,y,z) (Min(x,y)<(z)?Min(x,y):(z))

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