How can I hide my IP address so that Java can't capture any data?


I am very miserable as had been trying hard to find out how can I hide my IP address or how to manipulate Java?

Reason being,
Currently I am participating in a baby contest which is about voting using JRE5.0 (Java).
The most vote my boy get, the more chance that he can pass through the first round and proceed to 2nd round.

I notice there must be a way to crack this java thing as there is one contestant who can vote more than 2000 per day within 3-4 hours.
Isn't it miracle and unfair to me who is already qualify for the 2nd round until he use this method to win me within 2 days?

First, I notice there is an IP address behind the URL when we vote and when I increment the last digit of the IP address and enter manually, I can still vote for another time but maximum is just 50 times and I can't vote further for the rest of the days.
E.g. adorablekidscontest/vote_process.asp?BID=250&IP=

After close observation, I notice the contestant who able to vote so many in 1 days, had also able to vote 50 promptly. But after 50votes, he just pause a while and the votes start increase for another 50 again. Hence, I suspect there is a way to refresh the whole thing. So I went to my hardisk trying to look for any file or cache which I should delete so that the Java can't trace and allow me to vote another 50 again. I delete many file including file in the cache but also the same result that is I can't continue further after 50votes per day. I really wonder how the whole thing track?? Why 50 and cannot further??

My friend had asks me to try hide my IP address using Norton Internet Security but I try and still the same results that is can't vote more than 50 times.

I feel disheartened and unfair to me to lose to someone who manipulate Java inorder to win. Hence, come to this website hoping there is a hope that someone can help me to find out how can I vote more than the usual 50. As I spend many days in order to climb up to the top slowly but just 2 days and he take over me.

This contest going to end soon on 30th Mar, hence before the gap getting bigger and bigger. Could anyone help me asap?

Will appreciate deep in the bottom of my heart.

Thank you very much.

Evelyn Loh
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With all due respect, should we really be helping you cheat a contest? You can't obscure your IP address that simply. If your ISP is giving DHCP addresses, just wait until your IP changes. Some places uses cookies, some places use logs. However, I ethically cannot provide you more help than that, even though I understand your cause. If anything, the people who run the contest should actually fix their voting system to prevent people from doing that. :-)

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How about reporting this cheater to the officials rather than trying to cheat yourself?
Why try to hide your IP address?  Just hack in to the server and updated the database that is keeping count directly.  :)

As masnrock and CoccoBill have stated, the correct solution is to report to the people running the contest what you think is cheating.
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If it is so easy to hack the server, I'll do that already. Anyway, I already report to the people running the contest but they ignore it saying that they believe in physical figure so what can I say?
That's why I need you guys to help me to teach me how can I avoid the system to track my limitation of voting in Java? Guess what, he vote another 1000 today in less than 2 hour. Isn't that miracle? Since the people in charge ignore people who cheat so why can't I cheat too?
Please tell me how? All I want is an answer of how to do it , please come straight to my query.

Sorry, as I am using another ID at home.

Thank you.

Umm, I believe that it is against EE policy to have two ID's.  Now, how do you know for a fact that the same person is doing all of the voting?  Even if you did know for a fact that does not make it right for you to do it.  Is that what you really want to teach your kids?  

Hey,  you know you won a baby contest because I figured out how to cheat better and faster than somebody else.

Neat philosophy “Since the people in charge ignore people who cheat so why can't I cheat too?"

So using that philosophy "Since others get away with rape, murder, and stealing, why shouldn’t I rape, murder and steal and get away with it?"

You want to take the ethical approach? Report it... if they won't do anything without your proving it, then prove that people are indeed cheating. Obviously, you can show how easy it is to cheat the system. If they had any logging, they could see that obviously votes are occuring from the same place at much too fast a pace. you know that someone got votes at a rapid pace, but can you prove who actually did the voting? (if they we stupid enough to brag about it, that's on them)

Also, what sort of importance could possibly come out of a contest like that? It's even worse than the obssessed soccer moms, etc.

giltjr has applied the perfect philosophy to it.
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
My home ID is for my sister-in-law so that she can use it when at home, whereas, my this current ID is solely use it by me.
No. My reason is not want to cheat to win. I find it challenging that there is actually got ways to play around and I have try to figure out how but in vain even though I am an IT people.

Isn't it challenging for you if you know that someone can crack it and yet you can't find out how? I just want to learn something new, is this wrong too?

Pls advise on my above posted query on how can I hide my IP or how can I escape Java's eyes that I have already vote.

Thanks. I really don't wish to see anymore scarstic remark.Please come straight to my question. I don't need anyone to leacture me too.

Thank you.
I suspect the "baby contest" is a euphemism for a different kind of lottery.

Desperate people will do desperate things.
Umm, you can logon to your ID from many different places.   No, I do not find it challanging it finding ways around breaking rules or the law.  How do you know for a fact that a single person is voting more that once?  Maybe others feel that baby is just more  adorable that your's.
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
I see. Sorry as my sister in law wants her point more so she don't want to share with me.
Anyway, I am sad if you don't want to help me but keep putting in sacarstic remark... I can say they got the method of course with proof. Just now one of my friend told me his friend can vote alot in 1 day too but when I asks how, my friend says he don't want to share so what can I say?
Anyway, can you put a stop to this. I don't wish to hear anymore sacarstic remark from you if you don't want to help.
I am not being sacarstic, I am 100% serious.   I have gone to the site.  This is a contest with rules, you are asking for help on how to break the rules of the contest with the justification being that you think somebody else is breaking the rules.

The Experts at EE are NOT supposed to tell you how to do things that either are or could be considered illegal.

I am not sure what the laws are in Singapore, but here in the USA breaking the rules in a public contest is illegal.  I beleive that in most contries it is.

If this site is truly interested in allowing one vote from one computer, then if you can prove that somebody is cheating, then they should stop it.  As this is a public contest and they are giving away a prize, they may be covered by specfic laws.

As for the points, you only get points for answering questions.  If you are answering quesitons under her id, then you are not getting the point you deserive.  Better yet (or worse yet depending on your point of view) if you ask questions under her id, then you are using up her points for your questions.
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
Hey, Can you just stop give anymore comment to my question? I am not asking you for ideas. I no need you to lecture me too.
All I want is to learn something on what's the workaround method for this, not lecture from you.
I know need to answer then got points, no need you to tell me. It seems like you don't understand what I am trying to say so don't bother to tell me what to do. Ok.

I think it is very unfair to ask people to help you cheat in a contest of this nature. I agree with everything giltjr and others have written. You are probably correct in your guess that the contest is rigged or unfair, but the best thing would be to stay away from such a contest.

just my .02 :)
> E.g. adorablekidscontest/vote_process.asp?BID=250&IP=
if this is the way how to "vote" on a specific site and you realizes that there is a possibility to vote more than once from a random place, then this is a problem of the application (in particular vote_process.asp) *and not* a problem of your client.

As already said in previous comments, EE will not help you to break laws, at least not those ones considered laws in US ;-)
So what you're asking for is a violation of EE rules, please read EE membership agreement if in doubt.

According your question how to "vote", I'd simply request the URL through various proxies and with various IP parameters. It's a simple script kiddy task to write a single command to loop over multiple proxies and using random IP parameters. That's no magic and has nothing to do with Java nor your client nor your IP.
Indeed, a proxy in and of itself is perfectly legal in many areas, as ahoffman has commented. It's the purpose of its use where the line gets crossed in this instance. Also, Java is not at all involved in this contest, it's actually an ASP script that could've been written a lot better.

However, the only reason a lot of people are refusing to answer this is because of the purpose of this question. It can't even be argued the author is asking this for the purposes of education. Voting on this type of system is fairly minor as far as infractions go, but the purpose of EE is still not to help others cheat, correct?

There is indeed a post where the author makes reference to wanting to learn, but she killed being able to use that argument when she originally asked her question. This portion comes from her reason for asking her question:

"My friend had asks me to try hide my IP address using Norton Internet Security but I try and still the same results that is can't vote more than 50 times.

I feel disheartened and unfair to me to lose to someone who manipulate Java inorder to win. Hence, come to this website hoping there is a hope that someone can help me to find out how can I vote more than the usual 50. As I spend many days in order to climb up to the top slowly but just 2 days and he take over me."

The intention is more than obvious of what she plans to do with what she learns from this. Check out her response on the 23rd to the first 3 responses to her qustion... here's a brief quotation from that: "Since the people in charge ignore people who cheat so why can't I cheat too? Please tell me how? All I want is an answer of how to do it , please come straight to my query."

There are some gray area things that I would personally make the choice to answer if I know that it might be used in a legal sense... however, I do also caution people about the side of it that would potentially put them on the wrong side of the rules. This one is obviously intended for circumventing the weak protections of a contest. She already knows how to get around it, but simply wants a faster method for doing so. I'm not accusing the author here of wanting to do something like erase the hard drives of every server in the south Pacific, but there is a place where we have to draw the line. And I think this very easily crosses it.

My vote would be for deleting the question, and distributing out the points to experts anyway (if possible) since we were actually trying to keep up the good intentions of this site. This, however, does not really warrant a punishment beyond the points (and maybe an off the record warning) to the author in my own view. It demonstrates the point that assisting in cheating isn't going to be tolerated, while being as fair as possible to all.
masnrock, nice writing ;-)
experts at EE won't give suggestions for cheating, but it's always hard to identify where the cross-line is.
Sometimes it takes a long time 'til someone realizes that the given suggestions aren't ready-to-use attacks, it keeps the wannabe-attacker busy. Take it that way :-))
disagreed, there're some valid answers
masnrock http:#16267837 CoccoBill http:#16268249 masnrock http:#16271724 ahoffmann http:#16278008 giltjr http:#16277313
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
Sorry but i disagree as none of the above comment make by you help me to solve my questions. Hence none of you deserve the points when no answer is given except sacarstic remarks.
Pls refund me all the point as I don't see anyone should deserve it. My questions I had already found the answer myself (not from anyone here).

Thank you.
Regardless of the choice made, I completely disagree with refunding the points, even if none of the experts receive them. The reasons for which have already been discussed. It's fine if the author did outside research to figure out how to cheat an online voting system, but I think sufficient answers were provided here considering where this exact type of question stood.
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
I had request to delete this question in the beginning before the rest even comment anything much. Hence, pls do not eat up my point like this. It's not easy to earn this point.
Your understanding is appreciated.
Note: I thought point is given unless problem are solve. Now my problem isn't solve (in fact solve by myself) so how come someone can be so busybody into comment too much on not refund my point. It isn't going to be fair to me.
Kindly judge.
All I can say is in future, I will not volate the guidelines of EE.
Thanks a million...
No objection.
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
Hi Administrator,
I also don't wish to make you in diffcult position but if really cannot refund me all the point, then please refund me 170pts and I don't mind sacrifice 50pts. As I really don't see the need to give out my points for question not answer by anyone of them.
Pls be fair to me as all these points is precious to me.
Also, I don't think I should post any answer since no one is interested plus if I post, isn't it the same as volate EE rules and regulation if someone else see it.
> .. for question not answer by anyone ..
sorry, there're answers.
Just that there is none you like, does not mean that there is none.
And even if the answer is "no answer possible" it is an answer. That's the game:)
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
Sorry, if there is answer. can you tell me who answer it? As I really don't find any answer for my question, only all complain complain abt me trying to cheat. Is that call answer too???
Do you know the definitation of answers?
EvelynLoh, do you have probelms n reading? I doubt, 'cause you can write so much.
> can you tell me who answer it?

and if there're problems in finding that reference, here again:
http:#16267837 http:#16268249 http:#16270625 http:#16277313 http:#16277981 http:#16278008 http:#16288315
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
Ahoffmann! Do you call that an answer, do you understand my question? I doubt it lor...
Let me repeat it again, I am asking how to hide my IP? The above link you send me, none of them got any answer to my question. You tell me, which one got answer me how to hide IP? If yes, then how to do it? YOu know? I doubt so as there is really no answer on how to do it. Go and check defintion on what is the meaning of "ANSWER" using a DICTIONARY!! To me, done of the above have answer or has teach me on how to do it, so how can I sacrifice my point for no answer to my query.
> You tell me, which one got answer me how to hide IP?
http:#16267837 http:#16278008

> Go and check defintion .. DICTIONARY!!
that prerequests that you can read, I can read, do you?
See these to references, both explain how to hide you IP (partially) and that it is not possible i.g.. Dot. Period.
EvelynLohAuthor Commented:
Sorry, those are too brief, can't treat as an answer. After reading, didn't solve my doubt.
Ok, I also don't wish to argue further, that's why I already mention don't mind come out 50pts for things I don't really get an definite answer. Thank you.
it's impossible to hide IP totally
it's impossible to hide IP totally
.. repeat infinite ..

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