I am using LAN addr range mask

How can i create a subnet having a range of and -  ?
Need to specify such a range with its subnet for routing.

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Do you want to split the whole class C into 2?  Then that would be the following:

2 Networks: - -
Subnet Mask (or /25)

4 Networks: - - - -
Subnet Mask: (or /26)

If you're looking for any other config just post.
Andrea already gave you perfectly good advice with configuration. But in your case, you'll want more no more than 4 subnets due to the fact you wanted at least 60 hosts in each subnet. Other ways to do, just let us know. (like if you need a network with 64, and another with 128)

If you want another config, look at or

But there are other links for subnet calculating as well.
I use WildPackets IP Subnet Calculator.  It's free and does the job well (but you need to know a few basic things about subnetting).
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Im just interested to know why you would even want to do this? Just use 4 whole class C networks, 192.168.0/1/2/3 with a standard class C subnet. As they are non routable and effectively free  adress space i wouldnt worry about subnetting them.

For what its worth you sound like you are trying to make hard work / complicate things.

pajiaoAuthor Commented:
Hi Andrecoppini and masnrock,

Thanks for the nice illustration. Is there anyway to achieve my requirement of having a range of and the other -  xxx or perhaps having other subnets?

Lots of possible arrangements... but remember that the number of hosts in a subnet are powers of 2. 64 is the closest you'll get while having at least 60 (technically 62 when you factor out network address and broadcast address).

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The best way to get those desired host numbers is to subnet useing 2 bits.

Take the original address - 255.255.255 (/24), add 2 extra bits giving you (26)

Your subnet ID's are then

your host ranges are - - - -

I belive this is the most suitable, and probably nearest match to what you want.

note; as mentioned above behind a NAT device there is no real need to subnet at all, you could use ; /24 /24 /24

with there standard 24 bit can then just use the host addresses you need.
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