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I have for long time now, wanted to find a way to replace the Internet Explorer download dialog with my own dialog.

The reason is, that I need to create a system, where the user is only able to download to a specific folder.

Does anyone have any clue on how to accomplish this with .NET? (or VB6)

Thanks in advance,

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The problem you have is that the dialog box is part of the IE program, to add your own you would need to write your own browser (simpler than it first appears as there is a web control in then redeploy it.

The other alternative is to use something like Resource Hacker to amend the dialog box in whichever DLL in IE that it resides.

You may be ok then redeploying your hacked resource file to the other machines you want this to work on.  Although you will have problems with even minor releases of IE.

I had a quick look through gpedit.msc (start run gpedit.msc) because I thought this may be a common requirement in schools and suchlike but couldn't see anything that would accomplish this.  Although there are a number of other security features you may find useful.

The other thing is even if you do change the dialog box there is still the right click >> save as menu in the actual browser itself.  

Did you try the NoSelectDownloadDir?

References :

Any more details on what the scenario is?

If you want user's not to be able to change the Default Download Directory

Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_USERS \ .DEFAULT \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Restrictions
Create a DWORD value called NoSelectDownloadDir
Give it a value of 1

Old code, not sure if it will still work

BodekaerAuthor Commented:
How do I then define the default download directory?

And usually it is still possible to just type "C:\" in the download dialog.
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