Replication between parent and child domain


Our parent company is in France and we are planning to either join the existing forest as a new domain tree or as a child domain to the existing parent domain.  

I was wondering 2 things here:

1)  Which option will provide the least replication between domains and if so should sites be configured in each domain to replicate between each other?

2)  What are the pros and cons of being a child domain as opposed to a new tree in the existing forest?



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Microsoft is really trying to push organizations into a single domain model.  

Because Microsoft introduced the concept of SITES, AD replication traffic can be controlled very easily over slow connected WAN links.  So it doesn't matter if you have one domain or multiple domains, the AD replication will be controlled via AD Sites.  Over the LAN, data will be replicated more frequently and uncompressed.  Over WAN links, the data will be compressed and send less frequently. - This can be controlled by an administrator.

I would try to create a model with the fewest domains.  

Multiple forest considerations:

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whilst microsoft can push for a single domain solution, the reality of that is that it is not always easy to go this path

there are other issues that come into play depending on your business structure

take for example a project i am currently working on, over 500 domains being implemented into a single forest.......that is soooo far away from reccomended best practices that i cant even see the line in my rear view mirror.... but this cant be done any differently due to the political structure of the company, and through correct installation and management this can still work efficiently...

advantages for individual child domains is first and foremost that you have your own AD structure including security - your not sharing it and you can customise it to your individual business needs, you have much less repliation traffic to deal with and cater for also,

however, i would look at the links that NJ has given you and see what solution you think caters more for your company
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