Symantec AV Corp Edition 10.0.2

On my network, I have just installed Symantec AV Corp Edition 10 and I have one server as the primary server and about 10 workstations. I have succesfully installed the client on 8 of 10  workstations- but am having trouble getting it installed on the remaining 2. They previously has Sym Security Center 2005 installed. I have un-installed that and ran the Norton Removal tool from the Sym website to get rid of all leftover pieces on these 2 workstations. Now when I try to install the client, it almost finishes and then rools-back and says that another application interrupted during the install process. ANY IDEAS???
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To be more specific are you getting an error that says "The wizard was interrupted before Symantec Antivirus could be completely installed"

if so maybe your installer is busted check the following doc for some tested solutions:

This KB has some solutions specific to SAV 10 "wizard was interrupted..." error:

Let us know what the exact error message is that would be helpful to.
what is the exact name of the removal tool you ran there are a couple and you have to the one called symnrt to remove the versions you are talking about.

What type of install are you performing?  Installing from the SSC, or locally from the cd, or are you pulling it from the vphome share?

Make sure you have enough HD space on your C: drive
>  ran the Norton Removal tool from the Sym

No. You must us Symantec removal tool.  That probably will be incomplete, so delete all directories and all registry entries and move on

TrihimbulusAuthor Commented:
Thanks LucF- this fixed it as your last KB URL:

Confirm that Windows is configured to show hidden and system folders.
To show hidden and system folders, read How to make Windows show all files.
On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Search > For Files or Folders.
Under "Search for files or folders named," type the following text:


Click Search Now.
Wait for the search to finish.
In the right pane, right-click each instance of Msxmlx.inf, and then click Properties.
If Msxmlx.inf is not found, then install MSXML.
If Read-Only is checked, uncheck it, and then click OK.
Repeat steps 5 and 6 for any remaining instances of Msxmlx.inf.
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