Wifi Booster antenna...

Hi Ya,

I am looking for information on booster antennas for the Netgear DG834 G 54Mb W/Router and I have just realised that none of the antenna on the Netgear site seem to fit the box....Is this true.

I am looking for an omni directional, indoor antenna. We have a problem with thick walls in a very old house.



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There are some netGear products that go with the router, thou I've never used any myself they are compatable.



For example.

Might be better to try and use Access points where the signal starts to drop off rather than another arial, a good wireless access point maybe.

Scotty73Author Commented:
Ok..thank you for your replies..

Here what I thought.

I have two netgear W/Routers (identical)...surely I should be able to have internet come in on one of them, set the LAN configuration between the W/Routes then bridge the workgroups and then share the internet connection... That should give out more power on the laptop side and they might connect...

Is my thinking correct or way off...


That will work.  But it would depend more on where you place the routers within your house.  If they are both next to one another it's pointless as no extra range will be given, one router will not "boost" the signal strength to the other.  

If you place one of the routers somewhere with arround 40-60% signal strength from the main router and bridge your wifi that way extending it's range.  If your trying to enable the wifi all over your house you maybe fighting a looseing battle, probibly best to think where you would want to use the wifi and build up a signal to that area useing a directional arial/wifi bridge.

Scotty73Author Commented:
I have thought of many reasons not to do it that way.. I was thinking of software bridge which means leaving on one of the laptops 24/7 which is not possible...for obvious reasons.

Is there anyway to connect booster arial to laptop (using pcima card) I know that sounds silly but many people have been suggesting to connect an arial to the computer side not the w/router side.

The arial that is on the box is a 3dbi and the new on is 5dbi is that much of a difference or is it negligible... should i go for something more power...

I dont think there is a solution to my previous question so still in the search for a good arial or may just go with the netgear option and see that works...it is really a try to see situation i guess.

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