Urgent!! Problem with cluster failover

We have a 2 node w2k3 cluster with a drive mapped to the P: drive on the active node. I contains file shares.

Node2 is currently the active node - it has a P: drive containing file shares.
Node1 is currently passive - but it shows the P: drive in My Computer, but it is inaccessible.

If I try to fail over to Node1, in the cluster manager it looks like everything goes OK, but the P drive is still inaccessible from node1 which is now the active node.
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When Node2 has the P resource, Node1 should "not" have a P drive listed.

1.  Move the P resource onto Node2 if it isn't already.
2.  On Node1, go into Computer Management, then Disk Management and see if the Disk associated with the P drive is listed.
3.  If it is, right click on the disk within Disk Management and check the properties to see what Port, Target ID, and LUN the disk is on.
4.  Verify that you Node1 and Node2 think that the P resource is the same by comparing the Port, Target ID, and LUN.
5.  If they are not the same, then try to find out what Node1 thinks the P drive is remove its association with "P".
6.  If its the same, go into Cluster Administrator, select Resources within the left panel and sort by "Resource Type"
7.  Although its technically impossible to have two resources assigned to the same disk, make sure only one "Physical Disk" resource is assigned to that drive.

If you haven't already rebooted Node1, I would definetly suggest doing so.  If all else fails, you cal always remove the "Physical Disk" resource for the P drive within cluser administrator and recreate it.

Another question would be if the resource is failed over to Node1, does Node2 see the P disk?

- Jason
Physically where are the disk drives that contains the files on the "P" Drive?

Can you give some more information about what the P: drive is? Is it a SAN disk, etc sort of thing?
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soteaAuthor Commented:
The P drive is located on an iSCSI SAN.

I found the following error in the event log at the time of the fail over:

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      Kerberos
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      4
Date:            23-03-2006
Time:            12:05:11
User:            N/A
Computer:      NODE001
The kerberos client received a KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED error from the server host/node001.mydomain.local.  The target name used was . This indicates that the password used to encrypt the kerberos service ticket is different than that on the target server. Commonly, this is due to identically named  machine accounts in the target realm (MYDOMAIN.LOCAL), and the client realm.   Please contact your system administrator.

soteaAuthor Commented:
I rebooted node1 and the p drive disappeared from my computer, I'll try to fail over again, and watch what happens...
You may have to remove Node1 from the domain (may be best to remove it from the cluster first) and put it back in again after deleting the computer account. Then add it back in to the cluster and see if you can fail over then.

If not then it may be the way your HBA's are configured to connect to the SAN disks...sorry I'm not familiar with iSCSI SAN's.
soteaAuthor Commented:
Hi guys  - I found the error, and it was not related to the Kerberos error in the event log...

I share has been created manually on the p drive, so boviously it wasn't moved, when i falied over - so simple:-)...

I will have a look at the Kerberos error now...

Thanks for your help anyway
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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