Hi I have made a system persect for what i need with a hiiden partition which i hid using acronis disk manager!

This is all fine

But when i run sysprep and reboot i find it unhides the partition is there anyway around this as i need to run sysprep so the system asks for a new computer name when it starts after being cloned???


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You can use Symantec Gdisk for this. It is available as a free download.
I found a link to it here, and i tried it on one of my system builds, and i'm able to hide the partition.
copy to a dos floppy, run using A:\gdisk.exe
you can type gdisk /? for a list of available commands.
Please note that this is not my website, and i'm in no way affiliated with the above site...
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
you can hide the system build but it unhides when you run sysprep, when should i run Gdisk?
run gdisk, hide the partition and then run sysprep. This will not cause the system to unhide the partition.
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bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
Sorry i have tried that and it comes up as drive D: its FAT32

Its hidden before i run sysprep

Then i run sysprep, reseal it and it runs mini-setup

Then i have a frive D: with all my dos files!

so you have a C: drive with windows on it and a D: drive with a ghost file on it. you want to hide the D: partition so that users can't fiddle with it.
when you hide it with gdisk, it still comes up as D:
make sure that you are hiding the partition and that when you reboot, you can't access the partition in dos.
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:

I have drive C: which is windows

Drive D: is ghost

I can hide drive D: with eaither Acronis or Gdisk which works eventually

Now i only have Drive c: EXCELLENT

BUT when i drun sysprep after the Minisetup

Drive D: is back!

I will do this on a test computer here and let you know what solution i come up with :)
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
if you can sort this ill up the points!
sounds good :) just loading xp now.
Also, tell me how you run sysprep. do you do a sysprep -reseal? what commands do you pass, or what do you click on.
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
Yes sysprep -reseal

And i use the Mini - setup!
Ok i've got it working.
This is how you do it :D
install windows, configure it to whatever you want.
boot into a dos prompt (dos boot floppy)
run gdisk with the following command:

(assuming that you want to hide partition 2 on drive 1)
gdisk 1 /hide /p:2

when this completes, restart and boot into windows. You should see that the drive is not showing up in my computer (but does show up in disk management)
do a sysprep with a mini setup and then reseal. regenerate SID's also.
boot back into dos with your ghost floppy (2003) and create a ghost file like backup>partition>to image. then select your primary partition as the source, and your secondary (hidden) partition as your destination. This will have the desired effect and it will work like a charm.

You might have been making the mistake of running gdisk 1 /-hide instead of /hide. (-hide is unhide!)

Let me know how it goes, cause i have just done it and it works.
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
yes i have done all this my firend but after the mini setup when you reboot in my computer i have 2 drives again c: and D:
have you tried it in the order that i suggested?
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
when you do it is drive d: a extended partition?
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
Both C: and D: on mine are primarie partitions!!!
mine are primary partitions NTFS file system.
can you double check that you are using the gdisk command correctly, and that when you boot into windows that disk management shows the partition, with no drive letter and an unknown format, and that my computer doesn't show up the drive.
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
My drive D: is fat32!
is it XP that you are trying to ghost? if so, convert D: to NTFS. fat32 doesn't support partition hiding :D
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
can i boot dosfrom a ntfs partition?
why would you need to boot dos? you are ghosting windows XP into an image file right?
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
because on the fat32 i had dos installed with a script that ghosted my XP partition automatically when i boot to that partititon


I boot the FAT32 partition

It boots dos
Then inistaited the ghost command

Then reboots

But i cant hide that damn partition!
and how do you select the D: drive as a bootable partition? is it through boot.ini?
bryanchellenAuthor Commented:
no bootit NG
im sorry, that doesn't make any sense. can you tell me how you are selecting D: to boot from?
Ok so you are using Bootit to boot a fat 32 partition witha restore on it ok, XP is so "user friendly" it wil try and find any compatible partitions even if hidden, you can hide it using tweakXP but that will just hide the letter from explorer,

What i suggest you do is make a linux partition and boot from that as it will be invisible from XP

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so i get no points for this? :(
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