report builder missing header and footer

I have a delphi application, which calls up a reportbuilder report.

The main report has a header/footer, subreport and 1 group.
The sub report has 3 groups and a header and footer

Works fine. printbehaviour = section

what I also need to do, is print out my report with out the main header / footer.
But I keep getting a blank page when I make the header.visible = false.

I can almost get what I want if I make the printbehaviour = child
but I then lose the footer and header on the subreport.

has anyone any ideas, either to prevent the blank page (and yes I have tried to switch all sorts of things to false)
or how to keep the header/footer on the subreport if the printbehaviours is child.
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i suggest u to subscribe to digital metaphors news groups. they always know where is the problem. check more on

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